The Challenge: Improve financial performance in areas like days in A/R, bad debt, cash collections, and self-pay; improve patient satisfaction; address first-pass yield; reduce cost to collect; and right size the department.

Murray-Calloway County Hospital is in a small town in southwest Kentucky about two hours north of Nashville. Our population is about 18,000 and we have a student population of about another 10,000 that adds to our demographic mix. As a rural community hospital, we have about 1,000 full time employees and a revenue of $260 million with about 48% from Medicare or Medicare Advantage, 20% Medicaid, 30% commercial. and 2% self-pay. We were lucky enough to be one of the only 4-star hospitals in the region for 2015.

HFMA’s MAP is important to us because we are a community-based hospital going through a lot of changes and want to show that our changes are based on the industry and not because we simply want to make them. Since we started using MAP App, our customer satisfaction scores have increased, in-part due to some new services including updated payment options, a patient loan program, and improved communications around billing processes.

MAP App helps us to ensure that we are working within our operating standards compared to the industry. It helps guide us through process changes and confirms that we are not alone in making independent decisions—all in the spirit of doing what’s best for our organization and community.

While working at Murray-Calloway, anytime I’m prompted to make a change, my current CFO asks me the same questions—How do we know we are doing well? How do we compare? Compared to what? Using MAP App helps me address these questions—at any given time.

We are using MAP App to help address our challenges. And, we are using MAP App to help set new goals and foster achievements in those areas. Customizing MAP App helps us monitor our processes on a regular basis and track and trend different peer groups and demographics. With these apples-to-apples comparisons, we can relate to other hospitals, determine our goals, and track improvements. We use trending data which informs our decision-making while seeing our opportunities quantified as real dollars.

MAP App helps us determine and prioritize our needs and improve overall operational performance. We upgraded the patient registration process, improved processes with our partnering collection agencies, and established more efficient billing and collection processes. In fact, these improvements contributed to Murray-Calloway being recognized as a recipient of HFMA’s 2016 MAP Certificate of Recognition in Revenue Cycle Achievement.  

    MAP App Customer Stories

    David Ralston

    MAP App has been tremendously helpful in generating specific improvements including:

    • A/R Days reduction
    • A/R over 120 days reduced
    • Improved first pass yield claims submission Credit balances reduced
    • Cash stabilized
    • Late charge reduction
    • Increased registration accuracy


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