Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin

The Challenges:
Improve charge capture and copay collection

Our registration and billing system conversion two years ago made our revenue cycle much more transparent. We now have dashboards at our fingertips that give us visbility into all aspects of the revenue cycle. Because of this transparency, we've been able to achieve a much higher level of accountability. 

We assigned “charge capture liaisons” to work with clinical leaders on all revenue-related issues. That's provided a valuable point of contact between our clinical and financial sides. We also explored ways to make sure we're charging for everything we're performing. Improvements made to our charge capture process have returned more than $21 million in net revenue over one and a quarter years. 

Recently, we implemented copay collections in our hospital emergency departments. In preparation, we developed scripts for our staff to use that included language from our patient satisfaction surveys. Prior to rolling out the new process, we took the workflows and scripting to our patient advisory council. They gave us good feedback about how to ask patients for money, helping us talk about why we're doing it and how. 

We know what the most important revenue cycle metrics are, but everybody had different ways of measuring them. With the MAP Keys we can all measure things like late charges or DNFB the same way. If we just compare ourselves to our own historic data, that just takes you so far. MAP App allows us to benchmark ourselves against other academic medical centers or community hospitals and see where we match up. We always try to be in the top decile. In areas where we're underperforming, MAP App gives us ideas for improving.

We set targets based on our levels in MAP App, and then we monitor our performance against our goals and our peers. We have a weekly revenue cycle huddle where we recognize areas that are doing well and focus on others where we can improve. A big key to our success has been accountability.

MAP App Customer Stories

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The Payoff

  • Increased net revenue by $2 million+ per month through improved charge capture
  • Increased monthly POS collections by nearly $60,000 through ED copay collections
  • Winner of HFMA's MAP Award for High Performance (2014)

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