HFMA Turns 75 

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) celebrates a major milestone in 2021: our 75th Anniversary. Throughout the year, we'll be taking a look back at some of the significant events and people who played important roles in the association's journey from our founding as the American Association of Hospital Accountants in 1946 to today's HFMA — more than 71,000 members strong and the leading organization for healthcare finance professionals. 

New Video Series Highlights HFMA's History

Join us in celebrating HFMA's 75th anniversary through this playlist of commemorative videos highlighting milestones in HFMA's history.

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It's not just about hospitals anymore...

HFMA changes it's name and the name of the Association's journal under the leadership of HFMA's 1981-82 Chair, Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA, CPA.

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The AAHA and the tumult of Medicare

Passage of Medicare in 1965 would have a profound effect on the American Association of Hospital Accounting, resulting in a change of name and direction for the Association.  

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Robert Schultze

HFMA's formative years: An evolution in chapters

Although one Midwestern state formed its own local chapter of the American Association of Hospital Accountants (AAHA), doing so set forth the process for other states and regions to follow while adhering to newly adopted requirements.

Do you know which state established the Association's first chapter? 

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A dream becomes a reality

HFMA was launched in 1946 as the American Association of Hospital Accountants, and the inaugural issue of Hospital Accounting — what was to become hfm magazine — came a year later.

In one of his first messages as AAHA president, Frederick T. Muncie, CPA, told members that the "formation of the American Association of Hospital Accountants is an epoch-making event in the hospital field." 

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HFMA logos through the years

HFMA 75th Anniversary logo

To commemorate HFMA's 75th Anniversary, we'll be using this special logo throughout the year. You'll see it here on the HFMA website and other places such as our social media channels and event-related materials. As we introduce this new logo, we thought it also would be a good time to take a look at how the association's logo has evolved over the past 75 years. 

HFMA logo from 1947


The American Association of Hospital Accountants' original logo was designed by Helen Yerger, one of the organization's founders. It featured the American eagle, Canadian maple leaves and the caduceus, a symbol of the medical profession. Other elements were the Red Cross and a quill, which symbolized the concentrated effort of hospital accounts.

HFMA logo from 1968


A second logo was adopted two decades later, when the Association changed its name to Hospital Financial Management Association. At the time, the hospital was the focal point of patient care. Members approved the new name by a 20-to-1 margin.

HFMA logo from 1982


The logo was revised when the Association changed its name once again to the current Healthcare Financial Management Association, combining the words "health" and "care" so the well-known HFMA acronym would remain the same. It was believed the new name accurately described association members and the broader arena in which they worked.

HFMA logo from 1984


Two years later, the logo underwent a major change. The new design combined a stylized Swiss cross and the letters HFMA. Accompanying guidelines specified that the logomark was the only graphic design that could be used in conjunction with the association name, its chapters, affiliates, and products or services.

HFMA logo from 2001


HFMA updated the logo again as part of a comprehensive corporate identity program to convey purpose, value and processes through the use of color, type, imagery and words. The lowercase "hfma" was more informal and approachable, while the new placement of the cross symbol expressed upward movement. The anchor colors conveyed confidence/maturity (blue) and warmth/activity (gold).

HFMA logo from 2017


Leaning heavily on a modern typographical approach, the latest logo showcases a continuous evolution while holding to its foundational blue color palette. The update was launched in preparation for HFMA's all-access membership model, built to meet the evolving needs of healthcare finance professionals.