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Hospital Spending to Accelerate in Coming Years: CMS

Feb. 20—Hospital care spending is expected to accelerate over the coming 10 years as Medicare enrollments surge, more states expand Medicaid eligibility, and prices increase.

Array February 21, 2019

74 Medicare ACOs Depart: Analysts

Feb. 19—By the end of 2018, 74 of Medicare’s accountable care organizations (ACOs) departed the program, according to new analyses.

Array February 20, 2019

Model Targets Hundreds of Millions in Medicare ED Spending

Feb. 18—Heralded as part of a shift in care to lower-cost locations, a new Medicare model coming early next year will incentivize paramedics to find alternative treatment sites to emergency departments (EDs).

Array February 19, 2019

Q&A: Executives Discuss Cost Accounting Obstacles, Opportunities

Feb. 15—Hospitals and health systems are increasingly pushing to better identify and reduce costs of care. 

Array February 15, 2019

Hospital Requirements Part of Federal Data-Sharing Push

Feb. 13—A requirement that hospitals share specific information electronically at discharge in order to participate in Medicare was one of several hospital-focused provisions in a new federal data-sharing push.

Array February 14, 2019

Health Care’s First Cost Accounting Adoption Model Is Now Available

Feb. 11—Amid an industrywide effort to better identify and reduce the cost of care, the HFMA-Strata L7 Cost Accounting Adoption Model, known as the L7 Model, was introduced this week. 

Array February 13, 2019

Preventable ED Use Costs $8.3 Billion Annually: Analysis

Feb. 8—An estimated $8.3 billion is spent each year on emergency department (ED) care that could be provided in another location, according to a new analysis.

Array February 11, 2019

Underinsured Rate Reached 15-Year High

Feb. 6—More insured people are struggling to afford care than at any time since 2003, according to a new survey. And it’s a challenge across all major private- and public-payer categories.

Array February 7, 2019

More Federal Support Pledged for Rural Hospitals

Feb. 5—The federal government plans to increase the number and variety of alternative payment models available for rural hospitals, which are facing growing financial pressures.

Array February 7, 2019

Azar Pledges ‘Ending’ Surprise Medical Bills

Feb. 4—The lead federal healthcare official pledged Monday to stop surprise medical bills—one of the few healthcare issues garnering bipartisan support in Congress.

Array February 5, 2019