Maintenance FAQs

A. You can access reports for current activities and all historical points using this online tool. You will need your HFMA user name and password to log in; once logged in, scroll down to access your reports. Points are shown as CPE and EDU points.

A. Yes. HFMA on-demand webinars (National or local chapter) can be used by HFMA CHFP and FHFMA certified members for their certification maintenance hours.

A. First, add up the total length of the seminar. Next, subtract the time for breaks, meals, and social events. Finally, divide the total by 50. Example: 60 minute seminar/50 = 1.2 contact hours. This is your total number of contact hours for the event. Note: Do not round this number down/up.

A. No. Education activity must be reported using our online reporting tool. You should, however, maintain in your own files documentation of eligible events you have attended for at least one year past the end of your certification renewal date.

A. Yes. The only events that do not need to be self-reported are activities sponsored by HFMA National for which you have received CPE credit. It is your responsibility to self-report your education activities for all other activities, including attending chapter-sponsored events, proctoring a certification exam, etc.

A. No - members do not have the capability to edit entries in their online record. Please submit any changes in writing to Be sure to provide enough detail so the edit can be made correctly by HFMA staff.

A. If you've retired fully from employment prior to the end of your current reporting cycle, you can receive "emeritus" status by informing HFMA in an email to Members granted emeritus status retain their designation and are exempt from certification maintenance requirements as long as they remain retired. 

A. Yes. Waivers from certification maintenance requirements may be granted by the Board of Examiners in cases of foreign residency, health problems, military service, or other cases where a similar hardship prevents completion of the requirements. Contact if you need more information about seeking a waiver. Alternatively you may retake the CHFP exam to retain your designation.

A. If your designation is removed, re-certification requires you to successfully complete the CHFP certification exam.

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