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Reference this document to view the ONE HFMA project plan. This outlines the timelines and requirements for websites and events.
Use this form to request assistance with live, virtual or digital events (including annual and event sponsorships).
Event Process Document & FAQs
Webinar & Digital Event Timelines
Certificate of Attendance Template
NASBA CPE Certificate Template
Use this form to request a new website build or updates to an existing website.

Webinar and Events Timeline

Chapter Website FAQs

Please use this form to begin your website build. Keep in mind that you do not need to submit all information in one submission. You can submit as much or as little as you’d like at a time.
After you begin submitting your information we’ll begin to populate your new website. We’ll then create a stage link for you and your team to review and provide feedback.
Be sure to include the following items when submitting your website build form, keeping in mind that content can be submitted as available and doesn’t need to be submitted in one upload:
President’s Message
Leadership Roster, including headshots
Sponsorship Logos with corresponding sponsorship level and Sponsorship Opportunities
Chapter Award/Recognition details and images (if applicable)
About the Chapter details, including contact us information
Volunteer Opportunities (if applicable) – this could be as simple as a short message about volunteer opportunities and who to contact if someone is interested in volunteering
Upcoming Events and any applicable information about those events (including registration links)
Social Media Links (if applicable)
*Please send all pictures and logos with a minimum of 250 pixels.
Since this is a new website build it’s best for you to submit the content you’d like to carryover from your current page. This ensures that the content has been reviewed and revised as necessary. This is also the best way to submit any pictures to ensure highest quality.
Once all content is received by the chapter it will take approximately one week to build your initial site.  After the initial site is built, we will send you the link for review.  The chapter completes review and signs off, then the website is moved to production within one week.

Website Update Process

After your website is launched, please use this form to request updates.
Changes are made in production so are updated real-time. Most updates will be made within 72 hours of receipt of the submission form. The caveat to that is non-standard requests such as those that would require a website enhancement to accommodate. Minor updates such as a wording change will be accommodated in less than 72 hours.
Updates are made on a first come, first served basis. If there is an emergent update that arises, that will be handled on a case-by-case basis and can be indicated in the request form.

For assistance or inquiries, email the Volunteer Experience Team.