HFMA Membership Chair Job Description

The following is provided as a guideline. Each membership chair should work with their chapter president to define their specific role and responsibilities for the membership year.

Membership Chair’s roles & responsibilities

The membership chair coordinates chapter membership administration, recruitment, retention, and reinstatement activities, and chairs the membership committee. The individual serves with other chapter officers and chairs to plan and administer the chapter’s membership plan. The individual serves as the liaison to the association marketing team. The membership chairperson:

  • Works with chapter president and other officers to set chapter growth and retention goals for inclusion in the chapter’s multi-year plan;
  • Develops the chapter’s annual membership recruitment and retention plan, including activities that support the chapter growth and retention goals;
  • Chairs the membership committee with the goal of achieving the tasks set forth in the strategic plan;
  • Oversees implementation of the membership marketing plan, including writing letters to prospective members, securing prospective member lists, developing scripts for telephone campaigns, obtaining from the association preprinted prospect brochures/membership applications or other promotional materials for use in chapter mailings and other projects, and presenting membership information at chapter events;
  • Utilize HFMA’s website and HFMA’s Member Services Center to help in keeping committee and chapter members supplied with the information and forms necessary to maintain and recruit members;
  • Serves as the main contact for membership reports and marketing information provided by the association and utilizes this information in the chapter’s membership recruitment, reinstatement, and retention efforts; and
  • Serves as the main liaison to the association regarding maintenance of the HFMA database by encouraging members to notify HFMA with changes in their job, address, or other status and providing this information to the association if they receive it.

For assistance or inquiries, email the Volunteer Experience Team.