Northern California Chapter

President’s Welcome

It is starting to feel normal again! It has been heartwarming to travel once again to chapter, regional, and national conferences where we can see friends in person and reengage with our healthcare colleagues; sharing stories, comparing notes, and learning what is coming on the horizon for our industry.

The things I have valued most from my years with HFMA have been the opportunities to learn: whether it be at road shows or conferences, seminars or webinars. These HFMA sponsored events have broadened my view of the healthcare operations; allowing me to think beyond my daily tasks and duties. I now have a greater understanding what other sectors in my organization are doing and of what they’re concerned about for our future. These learning opportunities have made me a more valuable part of my team in my organization by making me a more critical thinker and has provided me with new ideas to share with our leadership team for transforming us into a better deliverer of healthcare to our community.

So please, take advantage of the dynamic and valuable learning opportunities provided by HFMA, whether they by online or in person; local, regional or national. Think outside of your normal workflow. And if you are a supervisor, encourage your team to explore new ideas and challenge them to bring forth new processes that will result in cost savings and improved outcomes. This all starts with engagement within our HFMA community, and the best place to learn is through HFMA educational opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

John Thibeau
President, HFMA Northern California Chapter

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