Northern California Chapter

President’s Welcome

Change. I used to dislike the word. For a while, I loathed it. Sure, I try my best to embrace change. I certainly assume change is coming. Our industry is changing. This Association is changing. Our chapter is changing. But in our lifetime, in our industry, the industry of caring for our communities in a responsible, compassionate, equitable manner, change has never caused such a brutal disruption to our everyday lives. I know Heathcare Finance means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Revenue cycle, reimbursement, accounting, strategy, planning. Healthcare Finance casts a big umbrella that encompasses a huge swath of healthcare delivery. Throughout the past two years of change, the Northern California chapter of HFMA has been a champion, a stalwart, a pillar of best operational practices, outstanding educational resources and invaluable networking opportunities. I invite you to look around our website, reach out to a board member or committee chair, attend an upcoming event and start a journey with HFMA in whichever bucket Healthcare Finance means to you. You’ll find this chapter is filled with seasoned leaders in all areas of finance who are more than willing to lend a hand, provide thoughtful advice and make relevant suggestions for any kind of questions you might have. I think you’ll also find life-long friends and confidantes – I know I did. Welcome!

– Mike Allen

2022-23 President, HFMA Northern California Chapter

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