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All HFMA Michigan Great Lakes sponsors can post job posting for free! Send your job description to Kristine.Nelson@mclaren.org. It will be posted to the website by Friday of the following week.

All  non-HFMA EMC sponsors and professional recruiters can post job postings for the cost for $ 50 each. Please contact Maureen Smith, HFMA EMC Admin Asst @ 248-798-3841 or email msmith.emchfma@outlook.com.

Volunteer Opportunities

The primary mission of HFMA is to provide timely, informative, and meaningful educational programs and networking opportunities to healthcare finance professionals. Our Chapter’s programs are designed to allow members to maximize the benefits of their HFMA membership. To fulfill this mission our Chapter needs your help. We need you to volunteer and actively participate on a Chapter committee.

By becoming an active participant in the Chapter, you are given a unique opportunity to expand your skill set, gain knowledge, build new relationships, strengthen current relationships, foster invaluable contacts, and develop friendships while planning educational seminars and workshops as well as social and networking events.

Your level of involvement can be as little or as much as you want it to be. It can include a few hours a month for example; writing an article for Newsblasts or HealthCents, working on an educational committee to a long-term commitment by participating on our Annual Fall Conference Committee, becoming a Board Member and Chairing a Committee or becoming the next Chapter Officer. Volunteering can be as flexible as you need it to be coinciding with the amount of time you have available. The Chapter also recognizes how busy we all are therefore; most of the meetings have conference call availability – allowing you to participate from your office or home. Whatever you decide, your level of participation will be personally and professionally rewarding. Committee participation will enhance your professional development, team building skills and increase your value to your employer. You will have an opportunity to network with colleagues, clients, and vendors as well as with local and national industry leaders – all of whom support HFMA.

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