South Texas Certifications

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Why get certified?

Establishing and maintaining a clear competitive edge is a prerequisite for today’s changing economy – for individuals and organizational leaders. You can gain and demonstrate your edge by enhancing your knowledge and proving proficiency with HFMA’s certification programs.  Explore and choose your area of focus from the wide-range of certification options available to you.

While membership in HFMA is not required for these certifications, except for Certified Healthcare Finance Professional, earn as many as you like when you join HFMA – they are all included with your member dues.

Not an HFMA Member yet?

The HFMA South Texas Chapter is proud to offer scholarships for the following certifications:

  • Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR)
  • Certified Specialist Accounting & Finance (CSAF)
  • Certified Specialist Business Intelligence (CSBI)
  • Certified Specialist Managed Care (CSMC)
  • Certified Specialist Physician Practice Management (CSPPM)

For more information on our scholarship program, reach out to HFMA South Texas local chapter certification contact Paola Turchi MSHCA, CHFP, CMPE, CPC, Certification Chair, at [email protected]

Learn more about HFMA Certifications

Active Certified Members – Congratulations!

  • Allen Herkimer, FHFMA
  • Michael Nowicki, EdD, FACHE, FHFMA
  • Steven Zook, FHFMA
  • David Canfield, FHFMA
  • Margaret Deming, CPA, FHFMA
  • Glenda Owen, CHFP
  • Lynn Kanwischer, CPA, FHFMA
  • Gregory Pritchett, FHFMA
  • Kevin Barron, FHFMA, FACHE
  • Lisa Shackelford, CPA, CHFP
  • Brenda Cox, FHFMA
  • Diana Vittitoe, CHFP
  • John Montaine, FHFMA
  • Bomi Bharucha, FHFMA
  • Jeremy Slatton, CHFP
  • Julie Holly, FHFMA, CPA
  • Jonathan Calvin, CPA, CHFP, CMA
  • Gary Ladyko, CHFP
  • Joseph Topinka, FHFMA
  • Cara Campos, CRCR
  • Marisa Kranz, CHFP
  • Christopher Bruerton, FHFMA
  • Mark Davies, MD, Ph.D., CHFP
  • Joy Spillers, CHFP
  • Bindu Jackson
  • Charles Boyd, CHFP
  • Geoffrey Bretches, FHFMA, CSMC
  • Marquis Smith, CHFP
  • Sabrina Burnett, CRCR
  • Decima Nesser, CHFP
  • Anita Soares, FHFMA
  • Tynisha Rankins-Walton, CRCR
  • Victoria Somnuk, FHFMA, CRCR, CSAF
  • Afzal Dudhia, CHFP, CSAF
  • Robbie Athey, CHFP
  • Christopher Ballesteros, CRCR
  • Michael Frankel, CHFP, CSBI
  • Nicole Delgado, CRCR
  • Tammie Jackson, FHFMA|
  • Laci Kocurek, CRCR
  • Allen Solenberg, CHFP
  • Lauren Gutierrez, CHFP, CRCR
  • Robin Gaynor, CHFP
  • Dustin Mullins, FHFMA
  • Aditya Saini, CHFP
  • Jeri Lupo, CHFP
  • Jon McLeod, CRCR, CHFP
  • Meghan Flood, CHFP
  • Sara Schow, CHFP
  • Sheila Maung, CRCR
  • I-Chun Chen, CHFP
  • Tina Pena, CHFP
  • Amy Raymond, CRCR
  • Julie Shaw Noel, CRCR
  • Megan Anderson, CHFP
  • David Tucker, CRCR, CHFP
  • Paola Turchi, FHFMA
  • Morgan Parker, CHFP, CSAF
  • Justin Shiver, FHFMA
  • Edgar Reyna, CRCR, FHFMA
  • Mandy Delafuente, CRCR
  • Daphne Quiroga, CRCR
  • Greg Czapansky, CRCR
  • Kathlene Lambert, CHFP
  • Dolores Jackson, CRCR
  • Katharine Heinemann, CRCR
  • Gevin Dray, CRCR
  • Brooke Herzog, CRCR
  • Cindy McDowell, CRCR
  • Jason Burgess, CSBI, CHFP
  • Marc Downs, CRCR
  • Tammy Nicholson, CRCR
  • Marisa Yermakova, CRCR
  • Tracy Parker, CRCR
  • David Markaverich, CRCR
  • Justin Black, CRCR
  • Michele Montes, CRCR
  • Jessica Garcia Holguin, FHFMA
  • Zeila Palacios, CRCR
  • John Cannata, CRCR
  • Ciara De La Cruz, CRCR
  • Mel Holliday, CSBI
  • Jessica Moore, CRCR
  • Shawn Decker, CRCR
  • Brandie Maraziti, CHFP, CSBI
  • Ashley Tanner, CRCR
  • Pooja Naik, CRCR
  • Callie Magrini, CRCR
  • Scott McBee, CRCR, CSBI
  • Sneha Das, CRCR
  • Madison Ebner, CRCR
  • Naomi Fenn, CRCR
  • Brandon Perez, CRCR
  • Vanessa WALL, CRCR
  • Harshita Dayini Maddukuri, CRCR, CHFP
  • Yajur Kapoor, CRCR, CHFP, CSBI
  • Eric Eisen, CSAF
  • Matthew Gonzales, CRCR
  • Mohamed Hassaballa, CRCR
  • Manasa Gattu, CRCR
  • Miah Neer, CRCR
  • Sergio Castro, CRCR
  • Zoe Jimenez, CRCR
  • Roberto De jesus Matos, CRCR
  • Emily Mayhan, CRCR
  • Allen Overturf, CHFP
  • Dominique Dufek, CRCR
  • Shannon Freiermuth, CRCR
  • Rachel Pugliano, RHIT, CRCR
  • Yvonne Perez, CRCR

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