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April 12: Prepare for the next generation of value-based payment models

April 10: Leadership: Why accountability is critical to transforming a hospital's costs

April 5: Healthcare Sector Approaches Tipping Point with Medicare Rates Trend

April 3: Revenue Cycle: Meeting Duplicate Patient Record Challenges

March 29: Trump Administration's Support for ACA Rollback Draws Criticism

March 27: Finance: Why 95 Percent of Physicians Are Avoiding MIPS Penalties

March 22: BPCI Advanced Sees High Provider Exodus

March 20: Innovation: Insight into Disruptive Forces in Health Care

March 15: How to Justify Investments in Data Analytics

March 13: Leadership: The Latest in Price Transparency Initiatives

March 8: Consumerism: Finding Success and Meeting the Challenges

March 6: Revenue Cycle: How Your Staff Can Improve Day-to-Day Efficiency

March 1: Why Hospitals Are Concerned About Medicare Expansion Records

Feb. 27: Finance: Keys to Obtaining an ROI on Your Electronic Health Record

Feb. 22: Departures Hit Medicare's Primary ACO Program

Feb. 20: Innovation: Why More Health Systems Are Engaging in Direct Contracting

Feb. 15: Responding to the Growing Imperative for Strong Cost Accounting

Feb. 13: Leadership: How Streamlined Operations Can Boost Care Quality

Feb. 8: HHS Secretary Pledges to Tackle Surprise Medical Bills

Feb. 6: Revenue Cycle: A New Benefit Related to Value-Based Payment Models

Feb. 1: Identifying the Right Financing Channels for a Digital Strategy

Jan. 30: Finance: Getting Started with Blockchain: Practical Applications for 2019

Jan. 25: Medicare Takes Value Pay Up a Notch in MA, Part D

Jan. 23: Innovation: How a Provider's Lab Formulary Saved Millions of Dollars

Jan. 18: Drug Spending Growth Far Outpaces Medical Inflation

Jan. 16: Leadership: How Behavioral Economics Can Change Health Care

Jan. 11: Why Dignity Health Wants to Expand Its Use of Medical Bundles

Jan. 9: Revenue Cycle: How Building Clinical Relationships Can Help Prevent Denials

Jan. 4: Judge Rejects 340B Pay Changes

Jan. 2: Analysis: Top Challenges and Opportunities for 2019

Dec. 28: Total Cost of Care, Blockchain, and Medicaid Changes

Dec. 21: How CVS Plans to Become Health Care's New Front Door

Dec. 19: Hospitals React to ACA Repeal Ruling

Dec. 14: Hospital Medicare Margins Continue to Deteriorate

Dec. 12: Leadership: Viewing Succession Planning as a Strategic Initiative

Dec. 7: Hospitals Concerned About Administration's Plans to Increase Competition

Dec. 5: Revenue Cycle: Understanding Patient Behavior Related to Transparency Tools

Nov. 30: New Model Could Lead Commercial Insurers to Value-Based Payment

Nov. 28: Finance: Hospital Price Growth Slows Significantly

Nov. 21: Innovation: CFOs Play Critical Role in Driving Innovative Strategy

Nov. 16: Election Implications for Health Care

Nov. 14: Leadership: How the Patient Experience Will Dramatically Change

Nov. 9: Medicaid, Drug Prices Could See Big Election Impacts

Nov. 7: OPPS Rule Projected to Significantly Affect Hospital Finances

Nov. 2: Exploring the Advantages of M&A Transactions—and the Challenges

Oct. 31: Finance: Trump Drug Price Plan Concerns Hospital Advocates

Oct. 26: For Profit Hospital Remains Stable, Despite Challenges

Oct. 24: Innovation: How Blockchain Could Change Health Care

Oct. 19: Hospitals Struggle with Rationalizing Services, Despite Benefits, Survey Finds

Oct. 17: Leadership: Guiding Organizations Through Periods of Major Change

Oct. 12: 1,500+ Providers Join New Bundle-Up by 50%

Oct. 10: Revenue Cycle: How to Gain Physician Buy-In for Revenue Integrity Initiatives

Oct. 5: MA Outlook Promising with Growing Options and Declining Premiums

Oct. 3: Finance: Why Business Intelligence Is the Key to Success with Value-Based Care

Sept: 28: Proposed $760M Payment Cut Leads Hospital OPPS Concerns

Sept: 26: Innovation: Reaping the Benefits of a Consumer Focus

Sept. 21: CMS Proposes Cutting $1.1 Billion from Provider Regulatory Burden

Sept. 19: Leadership: Techniques for Engaging Physicians in the Quest for Value

Sept. 14: Reports of Savings Exceeding CMS Estimates Give Hope to Upside-Only ACOs

Sept. 12: Revenue Cycle: 4 New KPIs Required for the World of Value-Based Payments

Sept. 7: Hospital M&A Trend Draws Scrutiny from Congress

Sept. 5: Hospitals Explore Strategic Options to Combat Declining Profitability

Aug. 31: With Next Gen ACO Successes, What's in Store for Other Medicare ACOs?

Aug. 29: Creating Value: Innovative Ways to View Data to Improve Costs

Aug. 24: Administration Initiatives Target Medicaid

Aug. 22: Leadership: When Disaster Struck Their Communities, 3 Health Systems Were Ready

Aug. 17: Proposed ACO Program Overhaul Raises Concerns

Aug. 15: Justifying CDI Expansion; Limiting Emergency Department Denials

Aug. 10: Is M&A Activity Slowing Down in Health Care?

Aug. 8: Finance: IPPS Rule Includes Pay Bump and Reporting Simplification

Aug. 3: Medicare Offers $1 Billion Increase, Policy Changes for Post-Acute Care Providers

Aug. 1: Innovation: Medicare Proposes $760M in Hospital Cuts; Home Is Where the Hospital Is

July 26: Practical Physician Engagement Strategies for Value-Based Care

July 18: SCL Health's Price Transparency Improves Patient Satisfaction

July 13: Azar Promises Drugmaker Penalty Rule Coming

July 11: Finance: News, Features, Education & Annual Conference Highlights

July 6: Congress Eyes Transparency, Billing, and Consolidation

July 4: Independence Day Edition: Happy 4th of July

June 29: Heads or Tails? The Legal Challenge to Medicaid Work Requirement

June 27: Leadership: News from HFMA Annual Conference and More

June 22: Administration Expands Association Plans, Downside-Risk Models, Healthcare Costs, and More

June 20: Revenue Cycle News: News, hfm Features, Education

June 15: MACRA Changes, 340B Oversight, Mega-Mergers, and More

June 13: Finance

June 6: Innovation

June 1: VA Bill News, CMMI Update, Value-Based Payment Models