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Course | Intermediate | Accounting and Financial Reporting

A&F: Financial Reporting: Liabilities and Long-Term Debt

Course | Intermediate | Accounting and Financial Reporting

A&F: Financial Reporting: Liabilities and Long-Term Debt


This course describes how healthcare organizations should account for current liabilities and rules relating to tax exemption for healthcare organizations. It describes how long-term debt can be handled by healthcare organizations, including the practice of advance refunding. It also details the different types of revenue a healthcare organization must report and how to report the results of operations in a separate financial statement. Finally, the course explains how different kinds of reimbursement methods affect the financial risk and financial statements resulting from a contract.
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • List typical long-term obligations
  • Recognize how to account for current liabilities
  • Identify tax considerations for not-for-profit healthcare organizations
  • Identify how healthcare organizations handle unrelated business income tax
  • Recognize arbitrage restrictions imposed by the Tax Reform Act of 1986
  • Recognize different ways that healthcare organizations can handle long-term debt
  • Identify the accounting associated with restructuring of existing debt and the criteria required for de-recognition of existing debt
  • State the advantages of advance refunding
  • Identify the commitments and contingencies to which a healthcare organization may be subjected
  • Identify how a healthcare organization accrues malpractice claims on its financial statements
  • Identify when a claims-made insurance policy represents a transfer of risk
  • Recognize how to account for retrospectively rated premiums and claims insured by captive insurance companies
  • Recognize accounting practices for trust funds
  • Identify three types of revenue a healthcare organization derives based on type of service rendered or contracted to be rendered

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HFMA Business of Health Care® (for CME)

Whether you are a clinician, physician, finance or health plan leader, nurse, therapist, dentist, or pharmacist, HFMA Business of Health Care® was designed to give you an essential understanding of the complex ecosystem your day-to-day operations are part of. That understanding can help you use your knowledge and skills more effectively to improve patient care and health outcomes.

As important, it can enable you to contribute to the critical conversations and decision-making that are changing the industry and how you work in it.

Participants who successfully complete the six-course sequence and the final evaluation of knowledge may qualify to earn continuing education credits. All participants who meet the program's requirement receive a course completion certificate - recognition they can use to advance in their career and demonstrate their commitment to excellence.

Title: HFMA Business of Health Care®
Original Release Date: 3/1/2016
Renewal Date: 4/1/2019
Expiration Date: 3/31/2020
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