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18 Months

Column | Consumerism
HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer offers a perspective on HFMA’s approach to price transparency vis-à-vis the upcoming CMS regulations on payment rate transparency.
Q&A | Consumerism
The field of behavioral economics offers key insights for healthcare stakeholders, including how to promote positive patient behaviors.
Column | Consumerism
HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer discusses patient financial experience lessons learned from dealing with COVID-19.
Blog | Consumerism
Given Congress is unlikely to provide a surprise bill fix prior to the election, Chad Mulvany suggests hospitals provide patients with HFMA's consumer guide on avoiding surprise bills to learn what questions to ask prior to any scheduled s...
Blog | Consumerism
HFMA's Chad Mulvany says patients and consumers need information that’s relevant to their specific clinical situation and out-of-pocket costs for price and quality information to be meaningful.
Course | Basic | Consumerism

Price Transparency

Course | Basic | Consumerism

Price Transparency


This course addresses the principles of price transparency, the role of price estimates in patient financial care and how pricing information is used to prepare and present price estimates.

Estimated course completion time: 1 hour
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Identify the components of the pricing determination process

Related Courses | Consumerism

On Demand Webinar | Overview | Analytics

Power of Data and Creating the Patient Experience

This session will feature a panel of leading experts in data analytics, that will explore the challenges and possibilities of moving toward true interoperability, of marry clinical and financial data, and providing a better patient experience. In a post pandemic environment, providers must deliver tools and applications that optimize the use of clinical and financial data to engage patients through touchless experiences, provide effective medication and care management and improve patient financial communications. 

Original Live Date: HFMA Digital Annual Conference (8/12/2020)

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Patient Experience

Creating a consumer-centric patient experience in a post-pandemic world

New research reveals how healthcare consumerism has grown amid the pandemic. Before COVID-19, progress toward a digital retail experience had been steady but slow. Now, seemingly overnight, millions of consumers have experienced care through digital channels, and that experience - both good and bad - has shaped attitudes and demands. There will be winners and losers among providers based on the ability to meet expectations of this newly minted and massive digital patient population - which, the research shows, has clear desires for what it wants and needs. In this session, we'll learn the phases of the digital patient journey and report on what consumers say are the realities of finding, accessing, and paying for care. The presentation will cover consumer preferences on healthcare shopping, cost transparency, communication, payment processes, and more, with strategies providers should consider for both short- and long-term success. As a takeaway, providers will learn the key steps to take in order to begin or advance their journey to an effective digital transformation.

Original Live Date: HFMA Digital Annual Conference (7/17/2020)

On Demand Webinar | Overview | Coronavirus

COVID-19: An interview with Joe Fifer (Spring 2020 Virtual Conference On-demand)

In this session, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer offers perspectives on the health care system's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including short- and long-term implications for provider organizations and other health care stakeholders.

Original live webinar date: 4/9/2020

Course | Intermediate | Patient Financial Communications

Patient Financial Communication

In this course we will address the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices through concepts of financial counseling. We'll review patient financial care concepts, which include negotiating account resolution, identifying and initiating financial assistance processes (charity), pursuing time-of-service collections and achieving account resolution.

Estimated course completion time: 30 minutes