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Experienced Professional

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Clinical Operations
Clinically Integrated Network
Financial Planning
Patient Engagement
Payer Contracting
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Self Study

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Knowledge of hospital pharmacy finances.

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1 Year

Live Webinar | Cost of Care
As the prevalence of specialty medications continues to grow, health systems are uniquely positioned to enhance care for patients who require these high-cost, hard-to-manage drugs. In addition to improving clinical outcomes, patient engagem...
Blog | Cost of Care
Healthcare providers are likely to experience increased scrutiny and pressure to lower healthcare costs in 2020. To help its members successfully navigate this new environment, HFMA is hosting its first Financial Sustainability Summit April...
Article | Cost of Care
A leading chargemaster company discusses its commitment to helping healthcare organizations understand their total cost of care and make strategic decisions to grow and protect margin.
How To | Cost of Care
Focus group identifies the promise and challenges of total cost of care.
News | Cost of Care
HFMA Chair urges attendees “dare to move” to address challenges in healthcare finance.
On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Cost of Care

How to accelerate financial results of a specialty pharmancy

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Cost of Care

How to accelerate financial results of a specialty pharmancy


As the prevalence of specialty medications continue to grow, health systems are uniquely positioned to enhance care for patients who require these high-cost, hard-to- manage drugs. In addition to improving clinical outcomes, patient engagement, physician satisfaction and cost of care, a health system specialty pharmacy service can drive incremental revenue and improve profitability - key benefits considering COVID-19 and recent drug manufacturer 340B contract pharmacy policies.

This discussion will outline:
  • The importance of embedding pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into care teams to improve patient adherence and outcomes
  • Why a comprehensive opportunity assessment is critical to ensure long-term success and overcome barriers to growth
  • How accelerating an in-house specialty pharmacy service can protect against the financial impact of recent drug manufacturer 340 contract pharmacy policies
Original Live Webinar Date: 10/21/20
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Understand the potential financial impact of an in-house specialty pharmacy service for patients providers and health systems
  • Define the clinically integrated health system specialty pharmacy care model
  • Explain strategies to overcome common barriers to establishment and expansion of a pharmacy service

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On Demand Webinar | Basic | Revenue Cycle

Offering long-term payment plans to meet patient financial needs

The pandemic has exacerbated the financial burden on both patients and providers. Thus, it has become increasingly important for healthcare providers to meet patients at their point of need, both clinically and financially. This webinar explores why offering patients convenient, accessible long-term payment plans is essential to your organization's success.

You will learn how healthcare providers are leveraging payment plans to accommodate their patient's financial needs at multiple points during the continuum of care. These strategies will help you identify opportunities to strengthen your own patient collection process, overcoming significant barriers in collection, cash flow and patient satisfaction.

Original live webinar date: 12/1/2020

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Value-Based Payment

Payer-provider collaboration in a digital world

The shift to value-based care has accentuated the need to enhance collaboration, and interoperability is a key element of seamless data sharing. The dual challenges of data standardization and easy information access are compromising the ability of both payers and providers to create efficient care delivery solutions. The goal of the Da Vinci project is to help payers and providers to positively impact clinical, quality, cost and care management outcomes. Learn how payers and providers can streamline value-based care use cases using assets developed as part of the HL7 Da Vinci Project. See an example of how a payer and provider have collaborated to reduce provider burden and lower cost associated with quality measure reporting by implementing the Da Vinci quality measurement use case.

Original Live Webinar Date: 11/10/20

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Revenue Cycle

Patient experience: The Impact of cost on satisfaction

As out-of-pocket expenses continue to rise and patients navigate new financial pressures and responsibilities, the relationship between healthcare costs and patient satisfaction is growing stronger than ever.

Recent CareCredit research explores the impact of cost and identifies opportunities for healthcare leaders and decision-makers to understand patient concerns and provide solutions and support across every stage of the patient journey.

In this webinar, attendees will learn more about the impact of cost on decisions patients make about their care, and how information about patient-centered options can lead to improved satisfaction and a better financial experience.

Original Live Webinar Date: 10/28/20

On Demand Webinar | Overview | Staff Development

Surge Preparation and the Clinical Workforce: An Analytic Approach to Certain Uncertainty with COVID-19

Covid is having a significant impact on the healthcare industry, resulting in unprecedented variation of historically "stable" indicators of volume, workforce availability and capacity management. Developing a forecast that incorporates best case/worst case scenarios that can create a milieu of shared understanding and enable financial and clinical executives to collaborate and manage through uncertain and adverse conditions. Creating a model and tool that supports the frequency that an organization must adapt and adjust as conditions change is essential to manage day to day operations. This session will discuss key indicators necessary to build a forecasting till that fosters collaboration.