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On Demand Webinar | Update | Accounting and Financial Reporting
This overview of current and proposed financial reporting requirements from various groups includes recent actions from GASB and FASB and explores impacts on your financial reporting. The session also includes a review of the latest HFMA Pr...
On Demand Webinar | Overview | Accounting and Financial Reporting
This session will discuss the impact of the coronavirus on Moody's ratings and the forward-view on credit post containment and reopening. You'll also examine recent rating activity and the incorporation of federal and state support in credi...
On Demand Webinar | Update | Accounting and Financial Reporting
The new Stark law and Anti-Kickback Statute changes provide exciting new opportunities to providers to better coordinate care. But with these new opportunities come new areas of compliance that will need to be addressed. This session will p...
On Demand Webinar | Overview | Accounting and Financial Reporting
The year 2020 brought a new challenge to healthcare in the form of a global pandemic. HFMA remains committed to supporting our members through all the professional challenges they may face. In this sessions, you'll hear from HFMA President ...
On Demand Webinar | Overview | Accounting and Financial Reporting
Learn how to leverage an internal audit function at your healthcare organization. Whether your organization already engages in internal audit activities, is considering an internal audit function or you want to learn about the role of an in...
On Demand Webinar | Overview | Accounting and Financial Reporting

How to connect financial results with clinical outcomes

On Demand Webinar | Overview | Accounting and Financial Reporting

How to connect financial results with clinical outcomes


Most healthcare provider organizations perform patient accounting transactions and general accounting transactions in separate systems. Even though recent advances in technology have increased the opportunity to collect patient level activity data at the time of resource utilization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications have traditionally focused more on resource procurement and maintenance, than resource utilization. For reason this reason, it continues to be difficult to accurately connect financial results with clinical outcomes.

This webinar will discuss how healthcare organizations can better leverage data about patient activities and resource utilization to overcome the challenge of connecting financial results to clinical outcomes.
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Understand what approaches are available to attribute resource-level expenditures to patient-level revenue transactions.
  • Describe how metrics and analytics can be built from connecting financial results and clinical outcomes to measure enterprise level performance.
  • Facilitate the buy-in both from physicians for improved financial results, as well as from finance team members for better clinical outcomes.

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On Demand Webinar | Update | Financial Leadership

Into a Brave New World: Health System Strategy for the COVID-19 Era

This presentation will provide an overview of the major implications of the changing environment for health system strategy, with a particular focus on how broader consumer-focused trends, already in motion, will be impacted in the aftermath of the pandemic. Particular attention will be paid to implications for payer and employer contracting, physician alignment, and consumer engagement.

On Demand Webinar | Basic | Financial Leadership

Reducing Cost by Eliminating Waste

Learn about strategies to evaluate waste versus cost with the patient experience in mind. You'll learn about Virginia Mason's areas of focus that have contributed favorably to the health system's margin. 

Original Live Date: 6/26/2020)

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Financial Leadership

Maximun Payment Adjustments: Best Practice in Quality Reporting

With a focus on small and rural practices, you'll learn some of the "behind the curtain" insights into the Quality Payment Program (AKA MACRA) and explore what goes into achieving an exceptional performance score. Topics will include quality measures selection and performance management, promoting interoperability performance improvement, and improvement actvities selection and compliance.

Original Live Date: HFMA Digital Annual Conference (6/26/2020)

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Financial Leadership

Why you should replace adjusted discharges

The use of adjusted discharges as a metric of output to assess facilitywide productivity and efficiency is flawed and leads to invalid conclusions. It does not account for the increasing volume and complexity of outpatient procedures. During this session, Providence St. Joseph Health System will share how it effectively uses equivalent discharges and demonstrate why this metric is better suited to health systems.

Original Live Date: HFMA DIgital Annual Conference (6/26/2020)