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Trend | Financial Counseling
An overwhelming majority of respondents to a survey patient payment experience say they need more than 12 months to repay their healthcare costs.
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<div>Sponsored By: Grant Thornton LLP<br><br>As the health care industry continues to consolidate, health system leaders are facing increasing pressure to aggressively acquire scale. With opportunities including acquisition or divestiture o...
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What criteria should we use to set minimum payments for patient payment plans?
Q&A | Financial Counseling
I need help interpreting the patient refund rule mentioned in the IRS rule 501(r)(4) for financial assistance policies. 
Course | Basic | Financial Counseling

Patient Financial Communications: Time of Service

Course | Basic | Financial Counseling

Patient Financial Communications: Time of Service


HFMA's Patient Financial Communications Training Program is an online toolkit that provides revenue cycle staff with guidance for conducting sensitive financial conversations with patients. It shows patient access professionals how to communicate with patients about financial matters effectively, and with respect, in ways that enhance patient satisfaction.

Patient access professionals will learn to have critical financial conversations in various situations (e.g., newly insured patients, those with high deductible plans, uninsured patients). Discover when and how best to communicate in non-emergency situations. Get tools for explaining key terms, handling questions and comments, and helping patients understand and meet their financial obligations.
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics (who, what, where, when and how) of a financial conversation
  • Identify the ten key components of a properly executed financial conversation at the time of service
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the 7 C's of effective communication as related to patient financial conversations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of non-verbal communication when conducting patient financial conversations at the time of service
  • Identify key components of patient financial communications and potential financial options based on varied patient profiles
  • Identify the key reference tools required to conduct an appropriate financial discussion based on varied patient profiles at the time of service
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to conduct a patient financial conversation at the time of service

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On Demand Webinar | Basic | Coronavirus

The Patient Financial Experience: The Current State & What's Next

Relying on aggressive financial policies and collection tactics won't help your organization adapt to the "patient as payer" model, especially after the pandemic.  Instead, you need a strategy that helps patients easily navigate the financial responsibilities associated with their care.

This webinar will reveal new survey data from patients and healthcare providers about the challenges associated with medical billing and payments, including how they have been impacted by COVID-19. With these timely insights, attendees can pinpoint and execute on opportunities to improve the patient financial experience and enhance revenue cycle performance.  Presenters will discuss strategies, like fine-tuning financial policies and offering patients a single, simplified view of their financial responsibility to reduce confusion and high call volume. Attendees can then apply these best practices within their own organization.

Live Original Webinar Date: 7/23/20

On Demand Webinar | Basic | Revenue Cycle

Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce with Gamification

In an increasingly tight labor market, patient account representative engagement is more important than ever, especially in light of increased patient experience expectations. Engaging patient account representatives is challenging yet critical for every provider. Learn how one organization tackled this challenge through a multi-generational approach to gamificiation that can improve productivity and staff focus on organizational and individual goals, as well as reduce turnover. Understanding the tendencies of each generation can assist in creating pathways for representative engagement.

Original Live Date: HFMA Digital Annual Conference (7/17/2020)

On Demand Webinar | Intermediate | Patient Experience

Diagnosis Financial Strain:One Organization's Approach to the Patient Financial Experience

This session will present an effective process for assessing physician financial performance from an operational and strategic standpoint. The speakers will share a defined process to manage physician financial performance, including how to use cost accounting concepts to establish and manage appropriate operating budget results as well as how to use ROI concepts to assess and monitor strategic benefits in comparison to subsidy loss levels.

Original Live Date: HFMA Digital Annual Conference (7/17/2020)

On Demand Webinar | Basic | Patient Financial Communications

Addressing the Patient Financial Experience in Today's Challenging Healthcare Environment

This session will involve first-hand observations about today's consumer financial decision-making trends and explore insights from a recent survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults who visited a doctor or healthcare facility within the past year for routine, follow-up, or unplanned care, and will inform how to best address patient financial concerns.

Original Live Date: HFMA Digital Annual Conference (7/17/2020)