MAP App Tool Kit

MAP Tool Kits consist of everything needed to create actionable improvement projects including implementation guides – such as project plans, timelines, and initiative tracking templates – and robust tools – such as opportunity calculators, best-practice scripts, and improvement dashboards. Revenue cycle leaders can hand a MAP Tool Kit off to a junior team member to execute the project with minimal oversight and time commitment. 

This collection of downloads takes the reader through a detailed view of the work necessary to implement a Point-of-Service (POS) Collections program.  The same tools can also be used to examine the gaps in a provider’s current POS efforts and allow the provider to take a structured approach to improvement activities. Additional documents are provided in the second section of this document; these word documents include samples of scripts, position descriptions, and narrative form procedures.

Project Initiation

Process Development (Work Flow Design)

POS Procedure Listing

POS Collection Tracking

Sample Staffing Analysis POS Collections

Training Development

Communicating the POS Program to Patients

Financial Interview Guidelines

Communications Best Practices

Pre-Service Script

Bedside ED Registration

ED Co-Payment Cash Posting

Recurring Service Procedure

Scheduled Service Procedure

Cash Balancing and Control

Patient Access Job Description