MAP Keys Compliant Program

Technology tools fluent in MAP Keys

What is the MAP Keys Compliant Program?

The program recognizes information technology products that capture data needed to use HFMA’s industry standard MAP Keys — the key performance indicators in revenue cycle for both hospitals and physician practices. This program helps providers identify products that support the use of MAP Keys to track, compare, and improve performance.

MAP Key Compliant Products

HFMA has scrutinized source data-capture and data-reporting capabilities and established that products listed below are MAP Keys Compliant for the below MAP Keys. Full MAP Key definitions and equations are available on the MAP Keys page.

Patient Access

  • Pre-Registration Rate (PA-2)
  • Insurance Verification Rate (PA-3)
  • Service Authorization Rate – IP and/or Observation (PA-4)
  • Service Authorization Rate – Outpatient Encounter (PA-5)
  • Conversion Rate of Uninsured Patient to Third-Party Funding Source (PA-6)
  • Point of Service Cash Collections (PA-7)


  • Clean Claim Rate (CL-1)
  • Late Charges as Percentage of Total Charges (CL-2)

Account Resolution

  • Aged A/R as a Percentage of Total Billed A/R (AR-1)
  • Aged A/R as a Percentage of Billed A/R by Payer Group (AR-2)
  • Aged A/R as a Percentage of Total A/R (AR-3)
  • Remittance Denial Rate (AR-5)

Financial Management

  • Case Mix Index (FM-5)

Recognizing technology products that leverage MAP Key definitions.