Premium Facilitated Learning

Learning for you or your organization.

HFMA Premium Facilitated Learning provides a social learning atmosphere that incorporates discussion, group collaboration, in-depth assignments, and instructor feedback. Programs are formatted in virtual or live environments, are led by experienced subject matter experts, have clearly defined start and end dates, and qualify for CPEs.  Apply learning to meet your organizational goals – get started today!

Why is Premium Facilitated Learning better?

It helps you develop critical-thinking skills across a multitude of healthcare finance topics. You will learn to rationally question the impact of basic healthcare activities and its impact on your organizational structure.

Examples may include: develop ways to address decreasing margins, establish best practices to conduct a thorough analysis of your healthcare organization’s financial performance.

How does Premium Facilitated Learning benefit you?

It provides facilitated dialogue and debate among healthcare professionals while incorporating real-world scenarios into learning. Each virtual classroom environment allows you to better understand how to apply solutions in practice immediately and with direction from a subject matter expert.

Examples include: developing processes and policies applicable to your organization’s needs, identifying techniques to manage healthcare costs, examining how various types of data can be applied to financial forecasting, process improvements, and KPIs.

What is Premium Facilitated Learning offering you?

It is an opportunity for you to take control of your learning. Hfma Premium Facilitated Learning provides support, resources, and guides you in assessing the quality and validity of the information you collect throughout your organization. It provides opportunities to connect with peers and develop a network of healthcare industry professionals and experts.


$549 / Member
$849 / Non-Member 

Paced self-study with instructor led feedback and classroom interaction for individuals 

  • Live virtual and self-study 
  • 3 to 4-week program lengths 
  • Up to 8 hours of CPEs 


Customize Your Pricing – Enterprise Member pricing 

  • Faculty-led, tailored programming for organizational needs 
  • Live virtual or in-person 
  • Customized program lengths 
  • Single or multi-day training 

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What really differentiates Premium Facilitated Learning from a more static e-learning course is the interaction and the ability to access the experts right away.

Todd Nelson, FHFMA, MBA
Director, Professional Practice & Partner Relationships
Chief Partner Executive, HFMA
Premium Facilitated Learning Faculty

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