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 emdeon Emdeon is the leading provider of intelligent revenue cycle solutions that combine advanced technology with highly trained professionals, enabling hospitals and health systems to maximize revenue and profitability. With growing bad debt and increasing pressure on reimbursement rates, Emdeon's full suite of solutions and technology-enabled services help ensure healthcare businesses succeed. Website
 optum Optum360 is a leading provider of patient-centered and client-focused revenue cycle services. With a comprehensive suite of technology, content and services, Optum360 is helping modernize health care financial transactions to make navigating the health system and understanding medical costs simpler and more transparent and intuitive for everyone. Website
 carepayment CarePayment is a healthcare finance company that helps people manage their medical expenses. Our 0.0% APR payment program requires no application and has no impact on credit score. We partner with healthcare providers, tailoring solutions so that you can offer a valuable benefit to support your patients’ physical and financial wellbeing. Website  
 craneware Craneware is the market leader in automated revenue integrity solutions that improve healthcare providers’ financial performance. By partnering with Craneware, providers achieve the visibility required to identify, address, and ultimately prevent revenue leakage. Our solutions allow providers to effectively price, charge, and code for the services and supplies associated with patient care, and our market-driven approach to revenue integrity optimizes reimbursement, increases operational efficiency, and minimizes compliance risk. To learn more, visit us online or call (877) 624-2792. Website

MedAssets Rebrand 2013

MedAssets is a healthcare performance improvement company focused on helping providers realize financial and operational gains so that they can sustainably serve the needs of their community. More than 4,200 hospitals and 122,000 non-acute healthcare providers currently use the company’s evidence-based solutions, best practice processes and analytics to help reduce the total cost of care, enhance operational efficiency, align clinical delivery and improve revenue performance across the care continuum. Website
 relayhealth RelayHealth financial solutions offer a panoramic view of your revenue cycle while also providing the ability to drill down for microscopic focus on issues important to your organization. Watch our brief and animated video that shows how using analytics can help identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, and see how our specific revenue cycle solutions can help solve problems and improve financial outcomes, both now and in the future. For more information, call (888) 743-8735.  Website
Citi Money2 for Health simplifies your patients bill payment process. It allows patients to review healthcare expenses, set up mobile alerts and pay healthcare bills, all in one digital location.


 dell The Revenue Cycle Solutions Group within Dell has a long track record of success in collecting billions of dollars and reducing costs for healthcare providers. Whether the need is a short-term customized project or a long-term revenue cycle transformation, we offer solutions to drive P&L and balance sheet results. For more information about our solutions contact dell.com/revenuecycle. Website
 ge GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our broad expertise in medical imaging and information technologies help our customers deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost.

 New Parallon 2 Parallon is a leading provider of healthcare business and operational services. Parallon partners with hospitals and healthcare systems to improve their business performance through best practices in revenue cycle, group purchasing through HealthTrust, supply chain, technology, workforce management and consulting. Website
 siemens Siemens Healthcare proudly offers Soarian® Revenue Cycle Management, a HFMA MAP Keys compliant revenue cycle solution designed for the entire enterprise. Using a proactive, rules-driven approach, Soarian helps providers navigate today’s complex regulatory and reimbursement environment. It helps optimize organizational efficiency. Which means improved financial performance and a better patient experience. Visit our website or call 1-888-826-9702. Website
 xtend Xtend Healthcare is the fastest growing revenue cycle solution company offering 100% onshore solutions. Our senior management team has over three decades of revenue cycle experience. We offer cutting-edge technology, experienced staff, and 100% satisfaction. Revolutionize your revenue cycle, Extend your staff and assets, and Improve your bottom line. Website
 EHR Executive Health Resources®, The Physician Advisor Company®, is a leading provider of medical necessity compliance solutions to 2,400+ hospitals and health systems across the country. Endorsed by the American Hospital Association and Peer Reviewed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, EHR’s comprehensive solutions are delivered through expert Physician Advisors specially-trained in Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations. Website
 hon Healthcare Outsourcing Network LLC is a national revenue cycle management firm headquartered in Denver. HON provides self-pay and insurance follow-up services, via customized revenue recovery programs capitalizing on state-of-the-art technology and effective customer service. Our guiding principles are providing superior customer service, building client relationships, and maximizing recoveries

 capio Capio Partners turns "bad debt" into good debt for the nation's leading healthcare providers by converting uncollectible receivables into cash that goes straight to the bottom line. Find out how our Complaintless Collections™ model keeps providers and their patients happy with 100% CMS compliance. Website


Simplee® is the innovation leader in patient collections, delighting patients with a clear, convenient and trusted payment experience. Our Simplee®PAY enterprise cloud platform enables healthcare providers to reimagine the patient revenue cycle with a unique paperless strategy and a consumer friendly experience. By shifting collections to self-service and point-of-service , Simplee helps providers tackle rising patient responsibility and drive more payments, sooner, while reducing collection costs and improving patient satisfaction.


 ssi SSI is powering the business of healthcare through improved flexibility, connectivity and integration. SSI offers a single-vendor, end-to-end RCM solution featuring front-end eligibility, patient estimation and patient access; industry-leading billing and claims transmission; contract management, release of information and attachment processing; and an advanced analytics and business intelligence product suite. Website
 state State Collection Service offers a full line of revenue cycle solutions - including HFMA Peer Reviewed bad debt recovery - to the healthcare industry.  Decades of experience, industry certified staff, and process controls deliver superior Service, Integrity, and Results.  For every stage of the revenue cycle, find the solution for your needs!

 vhc Vaughan Holland Consulting, Inc. identifies and collects underpayments from zero-balance Medicare Inpatient, Medicare Outpatient, and all Third-Party accounts. Experienced professionals analyze all of your accounts to locate underpayments. When we have your approval, we handle rebilling and follow-up until the correct payment is received. We are the Revenue Recovery Specialists.