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Sep 23, 2020


10:00 AM CT


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How To | Capital Sources and Allocation
Hospitals and providers who want to sell bonds in the public market should determine if their offering presents any challenges and develop a list of questions to ask of firms to find the best-suited underwriter for the job.
News | Capital Sources and Allocation
Two major investment funds are increasing their funding of healthcare initiatives—with important caveats. 
Trend | Capital Sources and Allocation
Investors, bankers, and rating agencies learned about the priorities of 27 health systems during a recent healthcare investor conference. 
Trend | Capital Sources and Allocation
A recent investor conference featured presentations by 27 tax-exempt health systems. Common threads include quality and safety and consumer focus.
Trend | Capital Sources and Allocation
Variable rate demand bonds, created in an inflationary environment, have waned in popularity but remain a viable credit source for hospitals and health systems.
Live Webinar | Overview | Capital Sources and Allocation

Achieving working capital efficiency and cash management

Hosted by HFMA

Sponsored by GHX
Live Webinar | Overview | Capital Sources and Allocation

Achieving working capital efficiency and cash management



Even prior to the pandemic crisis, health system finance and treasury departments were exploring more efficient ways to manage their working capital and improve their financial health overall. With prevailing uncertainty abut the economy and the financial outlook for healthcare, hospitals are looking to improve their liquidity, and enacting various short-term financing options while monitoring cash-on-hand.  This webinar describes the current financial challenges, describes emerging best practices for Accounts Payable and prescribes solutions to help achieve optimal working capital, even during this uncertain environment.  The presentation will also cover financial management trends, payments outlook and effects on liquidity position, including creditor rating, as well as balance sheet management.

Sponsored by: GHX 
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Measure how hospitals are adjusting their working capital management to current financial challenges.
  • Review available resources and banking solutions to help mitigate risks to liquidity.
  • What additional working capital efficiencies can be found with platforms and payment methods for Account Payable departments.
  • Summarize examples of collaboration between hospitals, banks and a unified payment platform to help facilitate payments and manage cash flow.
  • Relay how various scenarios and contingencies, during COVID-19 and beyond are supported by versatile solutions and payment options.