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Sep 18, 2019


2:00 PM CST


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Group Internet Based

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Revenue Cycle

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Experienced Professional


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Hospitals and Other Providers
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Knowledge of billing & revenue cycle, understanding of payor rules and insurance claim filings
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Live Webinar | Intermediate | Revenue Cycle

Denial management and prevention: What is the difference and why you need both

Hosted by HFMA

Live Webinar | Intermediate | Revenue Cycle

Denial management and prevention: What is the difference and why you need both



Sponsored by Meridian Medical Management

Working denials is costly; it delays collections and uses valuable and expensive resource time.

This webinar will cover the process and analytics needed to identify denials that are preventable, how to work within your organization to assign actions needed to prevent denials and how to continuously measure and monitor data and workflows to increase clean claims.

We will also cover how to develop and implement a denial management plan, using reporting, analytics, technology, measuring, monitoring and communication to reduce denial and appeal turnaround time, decreasing days in A/R, timely filing and appeal denials.

The subject will be presented from three perspectives: billing operations, front end operations and analytics development.

You will also be introduced to a 12-step program for developing and implementing your own denial prevention and management plan.
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Determine the difference between denial management and prevention
  • Apply 12 steps to a denial management prevention plan
  • Understand best practices in denial management follow up