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Jan 21, 2021


11:00 AM CT


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Health Plans
Hospitals and Other Providers
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Experienced Professional

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Financial Planning

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Group Internet Based

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Blog | Budgeting
HFMA’s Chad Mulvany provides a list of Medicare and Medicaid regulatory payment impacts to consider when developing budgets.
Blog | Budgeting
A review of the possible implications for alternative payment models and provider payment rates in the wake of the national debt cresting at $1 trillion with a possible recession looming.
Course | Intermediate | Budgeting
This course introduces budgetary control and explains the principles of strategic planning. It also describes the components of a business plan, explains the types of control budgets, lists the types of budgeting techniques, and explains bu...
Course | Intermediate | Budgeting
This course describes how organizations use budgets and presents an overview of types of budgets. It outlines steps in the budgeting process and describes two common budgeting methods. It reviews common cost behaviors and explains how they ...
How To | Budgeting
For some healthcare providers, a combined budgeting approach using advanced statistical forecasting techniques in conjunction with a rolling budget process provides an optimum balance between traditional budgeting techniques and future fore...
Live Webinar | Basic | Budgeting

Target Setting and Trending For Dynamic Financial Planning

Hosted by HFMA

Sponsored by Strata Decision Technology
Strata Decision Technology
Live Webinar | Basic | Budgeting

Target Setting and Trending For Dynamic Financial Planning



As hospital leaders continue to face uncertainty, there is a greater need for agility in their financial planning. Traditional, organization-wide cost reduction initiatives can find big-dollar, low-hanging opportunities, but are rarely repeatable. Today, organizations are exploring more efficient processes for their hospital financial planning, including Dynamic Planning. 

Join this session to hear how you can use the Dynamic Planning process to create a set of leadership and management principles that will allow your organization to maximize your responsiveness to ever-changing market conditions.

Sponsored by: Strata Decision Technology
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Discover how organizations are adjusting their financial planning approach during the COVID-19 pandemic and learn how to apply the methods to your organization
  • Learn how incorporating an agile approach to the financial planning process allows your organization to become more efficient while maintaining accuracy
  • Hear examples from organizations that have implemented this financial planning approach and learn from their challenges and success stories
  • Understand the importance of using accurate target setting and trending