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Feb 23, 2021


11:00 AM CT


1 Hr 0 Min


Hospitals and Other Providers
Physicians and Other Practitioners

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Experienced Professional

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Healthcare Supply Chain
Revenue Cycle

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Group Internet Based

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Live Webinar | Basic | Artificial Intelligence

Using Real-Time Intelligence to Boost Productivity Through Cybernetics

Hosted by HFMA

Sponsored by Olive
Live Webinar | Basic | Artificial Intelligence

Using Real-Time Intelligence to Boost Productivity Through Cybernetics



Now more than ever, healthcare leaders are looking to improve workplace efficiencies and boost productivity as a means to protect margins. Many organizations have adopted robotic process automation and AI solutions that automate high-volume, repetitive workflows, but what if further optimization could be achieved through technology that's woven into a person's day-to-day work, serving up relevant intelligence at the right moments? Emerging cybernetic solutions are making this a reality.

Learn about this exciting frontier in healthcare and hear insights from health system executives and healthcare experts on how they are using cybernetic technology to revolutionize their workflows while enhancing workforce resilience.

Sponsored by: Olive
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Understand what cybernetics is and how technology that surfaces real-time intelligence to healthcare workers can improve efficiency and accuracy, while minimizing friction.
  • Learn about the wide range of use cases in which cybernetics solutions can augment human work processes across the healthcare ecosystem. 
  • Gain real-life insights from healthcare executives on how they are embracing new cybernetic technology at their organizations and how they envision the future of the healthcare workforce in light of these technological advancements.