8 Capabilities to Power Your EHR

How AccuReg Fills Critical Gaps and Increases ROI

To thrive in a competitive market, hospitals need technology that enables the modern digital experience patients expect, while protecting and growing revenue.

That’s an ask that extends beyond an EHR’s core capabilities in clinical data management. In this white paper, you’ll learn how combining integrated patient access, intake and engagement solutions with your EHR, enhances its value and effectiveness, fills critical gaps and increases ROI.

Learn how integrated patient access, intake and engagement complements─not competes with─your EHR by:

Cover - 8 Capabilities to Power your EHR
  • Ensuring data integrity to prevent denials with intelligent automation for quality assurance and real-time eligibility verification
  • Expediting financial clearance using accurate cost estimates and payment processing to increase revenue capture
  • Enabling end-to-end prior authorization automation to streamline processes and prevent no-auth denials
  • Increasing staff performance and accountability with systematic reporting and KPIs for best practice

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