Modernize the Release of Information to Reduce Overhead Costs, Ease Staffing Challenges, and Avoid Regulatory Penalties.

Learn How Digital ROI Helps Your Organization Thrive.

Traditional methods of medical, billing, and imaging record exchange like fax and snail mail are rife with tedious inefficiencies and pitfalls for errors that raise overhead costs, enhance staff dissatisfaction, and increase the risk of steep financial penalties for noncompliance.

As skilled medical workers leave the healthcare industry in droves, maintaining the staff your organization needs to ensure quick record turnaround has likely grown into a serious business challenge.

Neither ignoring requests for records nor cutting corners are safe options, as either one can lead to severe regulatory penalties for violating HIPAA, the 21st Century Cures Act, the Right of Access Initiative, and more.

When a member of your ROI team leaves, your remaining staff are stretched thin to keep up with incoming requests. Unfortunately, the stream of incoming requests won’t adapt itself to your needs. Your organization must still meet HIPAA and/or state deadlines for each request to avoid major fines.

In addition to protecting your organization from financial penalties, properly releasing protected health information leads to better care. With a full view of a patient’s medical history, healthcare providers can avoid unnecessary or duplicate tests, speed up accurate diagnosis, and administer treatment sooner.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to easily handle all incoming and outgoing requests for patient records.

By adopting a digital approach to processing requests for medical, billing, and imaging records, you can cut up to 2 hours per request to reduce the financial and administrative burdens of ROI for your organization. 

This report explains how ChartRequest can help healthcare organizations eliminate the challenges associated with the compliant release of protected health information by explaining how to: 

Drive the release of information as a stream of revenue from the red to the black with our 99.9% collection rate.

  • Streamline tasks to mitigate the administrative burden associated with health record exchange.
  • Avoid the expensive, time consuming hiring process by reducing the rate of burnout that leads to turnover.
  • Prevent steep financial penalty risks associated with HIPAA, the 21st Century Cures Act, and other regulatory violations.

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