Preventing eligibility denials is key when it comes to Medicaid unwinding. Are you prepared?

Prevent Eligibility Denials to Protect Your Revenue

As Medicaid unwinding begins, it’s crucial to have a solid eligibility program in place to minimize the impact on revenue and patients.

Currently, registration/eligibility denials account for 21% of all medical claim denials, making it the number one cause of medical claim denials! With Medicaid unwinding underway, this number is expected to rise.

Don’t let eligibility be the reason for your claim denials – prioritize eligibility verification and protect your bottom line with our comprehensive guide from SSI.

A must-read for hospitals and health systems looking to improve their eligibility verification process and reduce claim denials related to eligibility issues, this ebook covers the claim denial problem, the state of eligibility solutions in healthcare, and the importance of eligibility verification in denial prevention strategies.

Discover best practices for effective eligibility verification and real-world examples, as well as how technology can automate and streamline the process, saving time and reducing errors.

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