Reimagining healthcare accounts payable: Using automation to pivot from ‘cost center’ to ‘revenue generator’

Accounts payable (AP) is often overshadowed by more visible healthcare operations. As cost reduction has become a top concern among healthcare providers, some are finding success in the AP department by automating & digitizing legacy processes with the use of new cloud-based technologies and service providers. An automated AP process saves time & provides enhanced visibility and security, while AP spend optimization toward e-payments produces rebate-driven revenue. In this whitepaper, healthcare accounts payable experts and industry leaders will share how they effectively transformed their AP process to reap these benefits. Attendees will learn what a tech-enabled AP process can look like and understand the ROI it can generate.

Learn how accounts payable automation has become one of the leading ways healthcare finance leaders can reduce costs and optimize spend.

In this whitepaper, we’ll review:

  • Leveraging technology to optimize cost savings
  • Current state of healthcare AP
    • High costs of inefficiency
    • Potential for errors & overcharges
  • Where healthcare AP is headed: automation
    • Cost savings
    • Streamlined error management
    • Labor reallocation
    • Net-new revenue

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