• September 2017

    Demand for Healthcare Workers Continues to Grow, but Skills Gaps Remain 
    Jeffrey Helton, a lecturer at the Milken Institute of Public Health and The George Washington University, says sought-after skills include data analysis and the ability to connect those data to real solutions and communicate useful analysis. 

    Finding Where Your Passion Meets Your Purpose
    When HFMA Chair Carol Friesen unveiled her theme, "Where Passion Meets Purpose," at HFMA's Leadership Training Conference in April, Hayley Studer, CPA, vice president of community partnerships for Credit Adjustments Inc., read those words, reflected on her career journey, and realized that she needed to make a big change to fulfill her professional purpose. 

    3 Steps to Creating a Knowledge Culture in Your Organization 
    Beth Houck, vice president of client services for SA Ignite, writes that corporate education is critical to creating a continuous learning environment that benefits employees and customers. She provides comprehensive steps to achieve this culture shift. 

    5 Ways to Integrate Lifelong Learning Into Your Career Path  
    The pursuit of knowledge is something that Alyssa Gallagher, lead technical accountant for Sharp Healthcare, has always valued. As a Millennial in the first decade of her career, she views education not as something that ended when she graduated from college, but a pursuit that she strives to continue with each passing year.

    We Become What We Know
    Hilda Villaverde, PhD, writes that no education is ever a waste of time. Whether you're following an academic course of study, a technical track, an internship, volunteering, or acquiring wisdom from day-to-day lessons at work, knowledge collected and applied is time well spent.

    'Lean In Latinas' Founder Demonstrates the Power of Persistence   
    Anna Dapelo-Garcia, administrative director of patient access services at Stanford Health Care, chose to give back to industry by founding "Lean In Latinas," a chapter of the Lean In organization founded by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Business and career coach Vickie Austin writes about Dapelo-Garcia's journey. 

    Continuing Education for Life Beyond Your Career   
    How do you spend your time? What is it you wish you knew or could do? How much time, effort, energy and money are you willing and able to invest in yourself to achieve it? Shanna Hanson, manager of business knowledge for Human Arc, challenges you to expand your horizons outside of work.  

    5 Career-Boosting Steps for Women Health IT Professionals   
    In today's healthcare IT sector, there are more opportunities than ever for passionate, dedicated leaders. Sheri Stoltenberg, founder and CEO of Stoltenberg Consulting, writes about how women can gain a foothold in this landscape.

    Making Sense of the Skills Gap   
    HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel examines the skills gap from both the employee and employer perspective to get to the root of the issue.  

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