• November 2017


    Company Values and Culture Drive Success  
    Robert Wallace, executive vice president of marketing at Tallwave Capital, a company focused on business innovation, says values are essential to a business's success, and those in the organization must truly live them to have a company-wide effect.


    Our Work in Health Care is Bigger Than Ourselves
    It's that time of year where many of us take a moment to pause, reflect, and give thanks for all we have, writes Alyssa Gallagher, lead accountant for Sharp Healthcare. November also reminds us that in the midst of business and everyday chaos, it's important to make time for something bigger than ourselves.


    Why Is Succession Planning Important? 
    Stacey McCreery, president of ROI Search Group LLC, writes that succession planning can be a taboo topic, but with planning and communication, it can be a valuable tool in your organization's long-term strategic planning. 


    Intentional Spirituality
    Hilda Villaverde, PhD, writes that belief in God within a religion or in a personal practice of spirituality comes down to the prevailing desire that all human beings long for most in their lives—a sense of belonging. 


    HFMA's Maine Chapter Hosts Women's Leadership Forum 
    With a theme of empowerment and being true to yourself as a leader, attendees acknowledged that they should never stop learning or sharing their experiences—good or bad.


    Having 'Faith in the Spotlight'  
    Hayley Studer, CPA, vice president of community partnerships for Credit Adjustments Inc., interviews Faith in the Spotlight author and "Inside Edition" TV news correspondent Megan Alexander about her recently published book, which provides practical tips for living out your faith in a secular workplace. 


    Spirituality in the Workplace?   
    HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel asks what it means to foster "spirituality" in the workplace. The term can be difficult to define, but it's understood here as the integration of wisdom, heart, and social responsibility into the workplace.  

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