• December 2017


    Ignite Creativity at Work   
    Jonathan Fanning, president and owner of Jonathan Fanning Consulting, recognizes that it might be challenging to foster creativity in a heavily regulated industry like health care, but there are steps you can take to ignite a spark that can lead to the next great innovation. 


    Aligning Personal Values and Corporate Culture
    When Hayley Studer, vice president of community partnerships for Credit Adjustments Inc., decided to make a career change last year, she began looking at values in a different light. Instead of seeking a position for its challenges, she examined prospective companies' corporate values to see how they aligned with her own. 


    My Entrepreneurial Path to CEO: Lessons Learned 
    Sheri Stoltenberg, founder and CEO of Stoltenberg Consulting, examines the pivotal moments in her career that eventually led to her found her own company. She reflects on the lessons she learned along the way. 


    Are You Fully Living Your Values? 
    Executive coach Joanne Schlosser writes that fully living your values means your life is congruent with what you say are your top priorities, which are reflected in how you spend your time.  


    Beyond Stereotypes: What Really Matters to Women in the Workplace
    Georgene Huang, CEO and cofounder of Fairygodboss, a website where professional women can seek jobs and career advice, reviews the findings of a recent survey about what women are looking for when they weigh career opportunities. 


    Tips from '#Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Work and Life'  
    Shanna Hanson, manager of business knowledge for Human Arc, examines the habits of values-based leaders as defined by Dr. Betty Uribe, author of #Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Work and Life. 


    The Four Seasons of Values   
    Hilda Villaverde, PhD, walks us through the four seasons of relationships and provides a detailed picture of how these relationships change and deepen as we move through the many phases of our lives.  

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