About the Award

The Helen Yerger/L. Vann Seawell Best Article Award is an annual award that recognizes articles for outstanding editorial achievement in hfm magazine. Winners are selected by a panel of five leaders in the healthcare industry who review each article published in hfm. Articles are judged on the writer’s demonstration of technical quality, and writing skills, and overall contribution to the literature of healthcare finance professionals.  

2018 Award Winners

Optimizing a Health System’s Post-Acute Care Network 
Health systems should develop strong networks of post-acute care providers as part of strategic efforts to deliver high-quality service across the care continuum, from wellness to end-of-life care.
By Andre Maksimow and Dawn Samaris

From Disparate Data to Informed Strategies: Using Technology to Transform Quality, Costs, and the Patient Experience 
Using data aggregated from disparate sources, hospitals and health systems that can apply data analytics to assess clinical and financial performance and develop strategies that help the ensure their organizations’ long-term success.
By Jennie D. Dulac, RN, and Walter W. Morrissey, MD

Protecting Revenue at Risk
A pocket guide to help hospitals and health systems navigate pay-for-value programs.
By Warren E. Beck, Cherie Kelly-Aduli, and Brian B. Sanderson

2017 Award Winners

Managing the True Costs of Health Care: A Roadmap to Cost Analytics 
The increasing costs of care are making it necessary for health systems to look at costing in innovative new ways.
By Pietro Ferrara

Aligning Systems for Improved Revenue Cycle Performance 
Challenges resulting from a major period of acquisition gave a health system the opportunity to improve its revenue cycle system.
By Kelly B. Baker

Beyond Pilots: Building Scalable, Sustainable Healthcare Bundles
Making a commitment to care redesign is a critical first step for a healthcare provider toward developing a sustainable bundled payment program.
By Anne Wong, Gary Ahlquist, and Carolyn Black

Cybersecurity: An Enterprise Risk Issue
Providers require a strategy to safeguard themselves against the growing threat of cyberattacks that could compromise the security of protected health information and even put patients’ health at risk.
By Tom Andre

2016 Award Winners

Implementing Post-Acute Networks to Support Your Bundled Payment Program
Inexperienced in the post-acute arena, hospitals are faced with the challenge of creating successful programs supporting illness and disability management.
By Sheldon Hamburger

Reengineering the Healthcare Claims Management Work Flow
A large health system in Pennsylvania uses automation and an exception-based work flow to focus collectors on activities having the greatest impact on the bottom line.
By April Langford and Frances Voelker  

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health: A Major Step Toward Managing Population Health
Integration of physical and behavioral health services could save the U.S. healthcare system billions of dollars annually while improving patient care quality and outcomes.
By Phyllis Floyd  

2015 Award Winners

Aligning with Physicians to Regionalize Services
Organizations with hospitals and other facilities spread over a large region can rightly be called health systems only if they can effectively coordinate clinical services across their service areas.
By John Fink  

Health Care's New Game Changer: Thinking Like a Health Plan
For health systems that learn to “think like a health plan,” disruption in the healthcare market provides opportunities to increase market share and value through more efficient and effective care.
By Bill Eggbeer, Krista Bowers  

Medicaid Reform: Are You Ready?
Health systems should view any steps they take to prepare for their states’ Medicaid reform initiatives as integral to their evolution toward value-based care and population health.
By Gregory P. Shufelt, Adam Medlin, Patricia A. Hines

Web Extra: A Look at Medicaid Expansion by State