How much time are you wasting on prior auth?

Prior auth requests are on the rise — healthcare RCM teams need to do something about it.

Prior authorization may be necessary to the healthcare revenue cycle, but it’s also a time sink. The average auth initiation and status check takes 12 minutes and 7 seconds. Making matters worse, nearly 60% of hospitals and health systems have 100+ roles to fill in operations.

When you’re dealing with staffing challenges and rising prior authorization demands, time is the last thing you have. Yet, prior authorization requires attention from your RCM staff, preventing them from working on complex denials, improving the patient experience, and more.

This is why AKASA created “Stop Wasting Time on Prior Authorization,” an ebook filled with information from expert health leaders. 

Inside this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How much time and money prior authorization is costing you
  • Why your team is losing out on precious time
  • How to improve prior auth with automation

Time is one of the most precious resources of all, especially in healthcare RCM. Stop wasting time on prior auth and start focusing your efforts on more revenue-generating tasks today.


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