Thrive On

“Stand alone, and you will fail; stand together, and you will thrive!”


“Thrive”—a single word that sums up my year as HFMA National Chair. Never has one word meant so much to me. It encapsulates not only how I look at my own life, but also how I view our association, our day-to-day work, our industry, and our world.

As the end of my 365 days nears and I reflect on this incredible year, I’m grateful to have been able to share stories of thriving and, in doing so, honor those who’ve “thrived” before me: my mother and father, my dear brother Russ, my lifelong best friend Deb, my dear colleague recently diagnosed with a second bout of cancer, my patients who overcame great odds through rehabilitation, and my boss who has weathered transformation after transformation. Each has touched my life and helped to shape my belief that, no matter what life gives you, you make the choice to thrive. Each demonstrated resilience, fortitude, and courage, the characteristics of being a “thriver.” My deep thanks to each of them, for they are my beacons—lights in the darkness who bring me hope. As you read this column, I hope you’ll take a moment to think about your own beacons.

Another thing I’m grateful for is the opportunity I’ve had to interact with you via Twitter. I’ve kept my promise, and I’ve been active on Twitter every day of my year as National Chair. On some days, my tweets were just fun. On others, I shared a great article, or a quote that spoke to me or highlighted resilience. Many tweets were about moments I was privileged to spend with HFMA members and “not yet members.” And those moments resulted in more beacons as I envisioned the future in their warm and capable hands.

Finally, I’m grateful for each of you. You’ve taught me so much about thriving and helped me to stay resilient. Thanks to your inner drive, I wholeheartedly believe that we can lead the change and be the catalysts and collaborators necessary to create a sustainable healthcare system.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the National Board, the Regional Executives, the Board of Examiners, the Principles and Practices Board, the National Advisory Council, the Chapter leaders, Joe Fifer, and the entire HFMA team. Your passion is unparalleled and truly inspirational.

So thank you all. Your positive attitudes and endless energy have made 2016-17 a year of thriving. But we can’t stop here. Let’s make the choice to thrive each and every day we have on this earth. Let’s thrive on, and, together, continue the road to resilience!