July 2017 Issue

The Behavioral Health Challenge


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Cover Story

Incorporating Value in Behavioral Health
Working out the details of value-based behavioral health models is challenging, experts say, but the benefits are worth the effort: lower costs, higher-quality care, and healthier patient populations.

Data Center

Percentage of People With a Usual Place to Go for Medical Care (PDF)   

Healthcare Challenge Roundtable

Integrating Behavioral Health Care and Primary Care 
Healthcare finance, clinical, and health plan leaders discuss strategies for integrating behavioral health care in a way that enhances patients’ long-term health outcomes. 


Virtual Visits Come of Age

Consumers have come to appreciate virtual visits conducted over their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Insurers and providers are warming to them. Now comes the hard part.


The New Knowledge Matchmaker 
Artificial intelligence is helping providers match patients to clinical trials and offering treatment recommendations to specialists. What does the next round hold? 


Obstacles Remain for Team-Based Care

Some allied professionals see state laws as the biggest hindrance.


How Consolidation Is Reshaping Health Care

Ongoing trends have challenged healthcare stakeholders to improve care delivery by reducing clinical variation, while also increasing their access to capital. As a result, consolidation has become a defining factor in business models.

Leadership Perspectives

Connecting the Dots

Healthcare stakeholders should do a better job of addressing the link between substance use disorders and chronic illnesses, writes Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, president and CEO of HFMA.