• The Mountain Range of Healthcare Value

    Nov 04, 2014

    While every healthcare organization must travel down its own path to value, many cross four major summits on the way to the Triple Aim.


    Click on the image above to see specific strategies and tactics that organizations can adopt to navigate the four summits of value transformation. Alternatively, you can download a printable version for reading and sharing offline.

    The four summits identified in the infographic are based on research conducted through HFMA's Value Project. HFMA worked with a diverse group of 35 hospitals and health systems to identify and understand four organizational capabilities that providers can cultivate to adapt as the marketplace continues to shift to reward value (or quality ÷ price to the purchaser):

    • People and culture: The ability to collaborate, effectively manage change, communicate a value message, and create accountability to value-driven goals
    • Business intelligence: The ability to collect, analyze, and connect quality and financial data to support organizational decision making
    • Performance improvement: The ability to eliminate clinical variation, unsafe practices, and waste
    • Contract and risk management: The ability to predict and manage different forms of patient-related risk under different payment methodologies
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