Texas Gulf Coast Certifications

Why get certified?

Establishing and maintaining a clear competitive edge is a prerequisite for today’s changing economy – for individuals and organizational leaders. You can gain and demonstrate your edge by enhancing your knowledge and proving proficiency with HFMA’s certification programs. Explore and choose your area of focus from the wide-range of certification options available to you.

While membership in HFMA is not required for these certifications, except for Certified Healthcare Finance Professional, earn as many as you like when you join HFMA – they are all included with your member dues.

If you have any questions please contact Jordan Mitchell, Certification Chair, at [email protected]

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Active Certified Members – Congratulations!

Carol Xia  (CHFP)

Gautam Sachdev (CHFP)

Haley Vincent (CHFP)

Esmeralda Gonzalez (CHFP)

Musbah Sheikh (CHFP)

Craig Elmore (CHFP, CSBI)

Juan Guerrero (CHFP, CSAF, CRCR)

Hibah Callies (CHFP)

Rachael Stodtko (CHFP)

Juan Hernandez (CHFP)

Jessica Graham (CHFP)

Patricia Martin (CHFP, CSMC, CRCR)

Nijdeka Onuekwusi (CHFP)

Autumn Close (CHFP)

Lisa Johnson (CHFP)

Anna Stevens (CPA, CHFP)

Tina Bui (CRCR, CHFP)

Erin Keene (CHFP)


Matthew York (CHFP, CTS)

Darshan Patel (CHFP)

Susan Ikamba (CHFP)

Daisey Yeung (CHFP)

Julie Garcia (CHFP)

Michael Creasy (CHFP)

Paige Dumas-LeCesne (CHFP)

Jennifer O’Brien (CHFP)

Steve Parde (CHFP, CSAF)

Scott Ulrich (CRCR, CHFP)

David Connaughton (CHFP)

David Brown (CHFP, CPA)

John Sperry (CHFP, CPA)

Laura Hardy (CHFP)

Christine Smith (CHFP)

Jasmine Potts (CHFP)

Tristann Trujillo (CHFP)

Lauren Freeman (CHFP)

Spencer Estrella (CHFP)

Taylor Stutz (CHFP)

Jay Chatha (CHFP, CRCR)

Zach Wirt (CHFP)

Travis Prothro (CHFP)

Shelby Luikart (CHFP)

Victoria Nikitin (FHFMA)

BreAnn Wilson (CHFP)

Ngan Truong (CHFP)

Frances Joelle Delaney (CHFP)

Julie Simon (CHFP)

Alicia Lee (CHFP)

Samantha Huffy (CHFP)

Marvin Thomas Jr. (CHFP)

Carlos Luna (CRCR, CSBI, CHFP)

Chadni Patel (CHFP)

Michael Kaitschuck (CHFP, CRCR)

David Freeman (CSBI, CHFP)

Ching-Hsi Lucy Wang (CHFP)

Michelle Smith (CHFP)

Angeles Borrego (CHFP)

Harry Truong (CHFP)

Jeremy Hatt (CRCR, CHFP) 

Lisa Zuniga (CRCR, CSBI, CHFP)

Jill Hibbert  (CHFP)

Kayla Smith (CRCR, CHFP)

James Feldott (CRCR, CHFP)

Jordan Golson (CHFP)

Meagan Guerrero (CHFP)

Stephen Duckett (FHFMA)

Jordan Mitchell (FHFMA)

Kimberly Smelley (FHFMA)

Richard Dyo (FHFMA)

Mark Worthern (FHFMA, CPA)

Kent Walthers (FHFMA)

Pamela Potter (FHFMA)

Jacqueline Phillips (FHFMA)

Melissa Fisher (CPA, FHFMA)

Emily Goertz (CRCE-I, CPC, FHFMA)

Julie Orzali (FHFMA)

Natasha Mehta (FHFMA, FACHE)

Robert Dowless (FHFMA)

Steven Hand (FHFMA, CPA)

Lindrel Thompson (FHFMA)

Cindy Price (FHFMA)

Mark Kline (FHFMA)

Terry Donahue (FHFMA, CPAM)

Julie Rabat-Torki (FHFMA, CFE)

Samuel Carr (CPA, FHFMA, CIA, CISA)

Nancy Brock (FHFMA, CPA)

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