Revenue Cycle

Fortifying defenses: essential cybersecurity strategies for revenue cycle management

Healthcare leaders understand that the quality of their organization’s revenue cycle is directly reflected in its bottom line. However, it is also reflected in quality outcomes and patient satisfaction scores. Inefficiencies in eligibility, coverage, prior authorization and other revenue cycle processes can lead to delays in care and surprise patient bills, in addition to poor…

HFMA July 8, 2024

Annual Conference Day 2: Keynote speaker Suneel Gupta expounds on the importance of recharging

Rest and breaks from work should be viewed not as a reward, but as a resource that supports performance, Suneel Gupta, wellness CEO, best-selling author and visiting scholar with Harvard Medical School, told HFMA Annual Conference attendees during Tuesday’s keynote presentation in Las Vegas. “When we look at the science behind human performance, what we…

Paul Barr, MS, MBA June 26, 2024

Proposed rule to halt credit-reporting of medical debt would have big ramifications for hospitals and other providers

A proposed rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) would curtail the inclusion of medical debt in credit evaluations, potentially shaking up healthcare billing and collections processes. The CFPB framed part of its rationale for the rule in the context of privacy, noting Congress previously limited the sharing of a patient’s medical information in…

Nick Hut June 21, 2024

Health system CEO tells Congress proposed 340B changes would be harmful to organizations like his

A health system executive visited Capitol Hill recently to provide the hospital perspective on the 340B Drug Pricing Program — a viewpoint that increasingly is coming under fire among policymakers. Matthew Perry, president and CEO of Genesis HealthCare System in Zanesville, Ohio, appeared at a House subcommittee hearing June 4 to give insight on why…

Nick Hut June 10, 2024

The vital relationship between MDs and clinical documentation integrity

High-quality clinical documentation is vital for creating a complete picture of a patient’s health and medical history. Accurate records of diagnoses, medications, tests, treatments and other elements of a patient’s care are crucial in creating the most effective care plan leading to positive outcomes. The quality of a physician’s clinical documentation can also impact payer…

HFMA June 7, 2024

Personalized communication helps State provide the highest possible recovery and patient-satisfaction rates for clients

Learn about a company that combines advanced technology with human interaction to increase recoveries and patient satisfaction.

HFMA June 4, 2024

Engaging in operating rule development and adoption amidst the era of healthcare automation

Over the past two decades, the healthcare industry has collaborated to accelerate automation, alleviate administrative burdens and lower the cost of conducting common business transactions. Although much work remains to be done to streamline healthcare administration, the industry’s approach to developing and implementing operating rules to improve revenue cycle automation, independent of standards development, is…

Shawn Stack May 28, 2024

Bridging the gap: Integrating value-based care into revenue cycle management

The idea of value-based care (VBC) has existed for decades but only gained momentum since the 2017 implementation of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and the Quality Payment Program (QPP). VBC incentivizes providers for quality outcomes, unlike fee-for-service models that reimburse providers for each service performed. The ultimate goal of VBC is to improve…

HFMA May 10, 2024

Annual report on Medicare financing could reduce the immediate impetus to address longstanding issues

New data on the state of Medicare funding show short-term improvement while keeping the stakes high for ensuing decades. The annual report from Medicare’s trustees shows the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (i.e., Medicare Part A) has enough money to keep beneficiaries covered and providers paid through 2036. That’s an increase of five years from the…

Nick Hut May 9, 2024

Congressional hearings on the Change Healthcare cyberattack bring attention to providers’ continuing predicament

Two congressional hearings involving the CEO of UnitedHealth Group offered few concrete solutions to the issues surrounding the Change Healthcare cyberattack but did highlight the ongoing pressures facing healthcare stakeholders. Andrew Witty, the CEO, was questioned May 1 by the Senate Finance Committee in the morning and a House subcommittee in the afternoon. For providers…

Nick Hut May 2, 2024
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