Policies and Practices | Strategic Planning

Strategic Financial Planning: Spring 2019

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Policies and Practices | Strategic Planning

Strategic Financial Planning: Spring 2019

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Growth Strategies

No-Divert Policy, Strategic Growth Help Erlanger Increase Revenue by $300 Million

By Laura Ramos Hegwer

A strategic plan that focused on growth and expanding specialty services helped Erlanger Health System improve its balance sheet while maintaining high-quality performance. A pay-for-performance program also increased nurse productivity. 

Future Trends

Healthcare Predictions Focus on Innovative Corporate Structures and Alternative Financing

By Ed Avis

An alternative corporate structure called a “benefit corporation” is at the center of one of 10 predictions issued by BDO. Two others one related to telemedicine and the other related to sources of alternative capital pertain to hospital finance. 

Price Transparency

National Hospital Survey Shares Insight into CMS’s Price Transparency Requirement

By Jamie Cleverley

Hospitals expressed uncertainty about the usefulness of information supplied in response to CMS’s IPPS transparency requirements, but also recognize that the rule amplifies healthcare industry efforts to provide meaningful price estimates for healthcare services.  


An ‘Outside View’ Helps Achieve Return on Analytics 

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By Scott R. Engel and Erik Swanson

An “outside view” can counter biases and organizational pressures that can skew internal decision-making processes. It also provides a framework for target setting that helps define realistic expected returns.  

Executive Compensation

Aligning Executive Compensation to Strategic Priorities

By David Bjork and Dan Mayfield

As hospital boards and executives embark on transformational strategies like clinical integration and population health management, finance leaders are key in helping to set performance targets that are appropriate relative to industry-wide statistics as well as past performance.  

Medical Financing

Crowdfunding: Assessing Benefits and Risks

By William Marty Martin

Crowdfunding can increase investor participation and engagement between project initiators and potential funders, as well as raise awareness of neglected health issues.  

Figure at a Glance

Telehealth Use Among Medicare Patients Limited but Growing

Growth in telehealth use among Medicare beneficiaries is occurring in patients 85 years and older and living in rural areas.


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