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Members integrated into our latest marketing efforts

News | Leadership

Members integrated into our latest marketing efforts

We have been attending HFMA live events and capturing photos and videos of members in action.

At HFMA, we want you to know you’re at the center of everything we do. Every month, HFMA staff call new members to thank and welcome them. When I make these calls, I make sure to let the new member on the other end know that we’re wholly invested in helping them make the most of out of their membership — and that means standing behind their professional journey.

I often end up leaving my welcome message in voicemail, but there is always at least one amazing conversation with a member that takes place every month. Like you, I often get caught up in my inbox or on a series of conference calls and get lost in the daily to-do list. Yet, these new member calls are really a highlight — I’m speaking to a person who is counting on HFMA to support them in navigating through complexity, connecting in their community and more.

And that’s why this month, we’re excited to share things are getting even more personal. In fact, you might see yourself or a colleague in a photo on our website, in your inbox or on a direct-mail piece for one of our upcoming events like Annual Conference. (Warning, shameless marketing plug: Learn more about what’s planned at annual.hfma.org.) 

Our team has been attending HFMA live events and capturing photos and videos of members and attendees in action. Late last year, we visited Geisinger Health System and conducted some stellar interviews, and this past January, we visited HFMA Chairman Mike Allen’s home base at OSF HealthCare for a photo shoot showcasing what life looks like in a healthcare facility. I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate our thanks to those organizations for opening their doors to us.

The best way to showcase our members is to show our members. If you’re interested in having your team featured, drop me a line, and let’s talk! 

Thank you for being a member of HFMA. 

OSF HealthCare employees Marie Lehman and Jennifer Hopwood smile during an HFMA photo shoot.

About the Author

Greg Akroyd

is director of marketing, HFMA, Westchester, Ill.


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