February 2020

Cover Story

Trend | Value-Based Payment

The healthcare value imperative: All eyes on North Carolina’s move to value-based payment

Hospitals and health systems nationwide can benefit from the insights of North Carolina health system executive whose organizations are leading the way in the state’s transition to value-based payment.


Column | Consumerism

HFMA CEO Joe Fifer’s call to action: It’s time for consumerism in healthcare

The healthcare finance veteran says "everyone has contributed to the current state of affairs and everyone has a role in improving it."

Trend | Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: 5 realities for financial leaders

The first step in a healthcare organization’s artificial intelligence strategy should be education.

Trend | Revenue Cycle

The role of intelligent automation in reducing waste and improving efficiency in the revenue cycle

A portion of the wasteful spending in healthcare can be curbed by automating repetitive tasks.

Case Study | Cost Effectiveness of Health

How using artificial intelligence enabled Flagler Hospital to reduce clinical variation

Flagler Hospital used an artificial intelligence application to support physician-led efforts to develop and adopt care pathways aimed at improving care quality and outcomes while reducing cost.

Article | Payment Models

"Medicare for All" isn’t equitable for all hospitals

A payment model in which 100% of payments are based on Medicare rates should take into account the inherent disadvantages of such an approach for the large hospitals, including academic medical centers, that provide most Medicare outlier cases.

Trend | Staff Development

How to successfully manage multiple generations in the workplace

With four generations working side by side, leaders at all levels of a healthcare organization should be aware of ways to promote cohesiveness and effective collaboration.

News | Revenue Cycle

HFMA conference in New Orleans focuses on achieving a consumer-centric revenue cycle

HFMA conference in New Orleans focuses on achieving a consumer-focused revenue cycle.


Column | Leadership

When movement isn’t movement: A wake-up call for healthcare finance professionals

The results of healthcare finance executives' efforts to drive change will be of little value if they don't also help improve quality, patient experience or cost of care.

Column | Healthcare Reform

Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan: The devil in the details

Any objective analysis of Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for Medicare for All should consider its enormous societal and federal costs, and its likely impacts on the health insurance industry and hospitals.

Column | Staff Development

How to mesh employee personality types to foster a successful workplace

Leaders should be aware of different personality types and best practices for managing each.


Column | Staff Development

Region 9 Annual Conference highlights customer experience

Region 9 Annual Conference attendees took away key messages on transparency, never giving up and customer experience within the healthcare finance space.

News | Leadership

Spectrum Health uses certification competition to foster engagement with HFMA

Spectrum Health sponsored a competition among its revenue cycle leaders, with the goal of encouraging their staff members to become HFMA Enterprise members and obtain HFMA certifications.

News | Healthcare Business Trends

Find the latest numbers shaping healthcare finance

Learn the key numbers that shaped healthcare finance policy and practice in recent weeks.

Column | Staff Development

Former North Dakota Chapter leader Engeseth joins HFMA Chapters team

HFMA hired Brianna Engeseth as its new Chapter relations programs administrator. Plus, other members announce new healthcare finance roles.


Business Profile | Analytics

Analytics help create an integrated health system

For health systems that have gone through a period of growth, strong strategic financial planning, enhanced service line analytics, appropriate benchmarking, standardized costing practices, and rolling forecasting can help realize the efficiencies of scale that growth provides.

Trendsetter | Innovation and Disruption

Transforming healthcare through better resource management

A transformative software company discusses how its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution helps healthcare organizations become more agile, sustainable and consumer-oriented by integrating and strengthening financial, human resource and supply chain functions.