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Ensemble helps healthcare organizations remove payer barriers, streamline processes and systems and implement strategies to increase patient loyalty

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Article | Revenue Cycle Technology

Ensemble helps healthcare organizations remove payer barriers, streamline processes and systems and implement strategies to increase patient loyalty

How do you help healthcare organizations navigate the biggest challenges in healthcare?

Ensemble partners with more than 380 hospitals and 8,000 providers across the country to drive an average of 5% net revenue lift, allowing healthcare organizations to reinvest in their communities and deliver on their mission.

As the highest scoring revenue cycle outsourcing company in KLAS Research history and the recipient of the Best in KLAS designation for the past two years, Ensemble prides itself on its consistent ability to deliver exceptional revenue cycle results, exceed client expectations and ensure continued client satisfaction.

We are committed to bringing every provider that we support to the peak of revenue cycle performance excellence through our combination of innovative revenue cycle technology, 1,100+ documented best practices and 100% credentialed operator staff.

Our goal is to redefine the possible in healthcare by partnering with clients to remove payer-placed barriers, streamline processes and systems to increase efficiency and reduce cost, and implement new strategies to increase patient loyalty by meeting the changing demands of modern healthcare consumers.

Our team of healthcare experts stays up to date on the everchanging regulatory environment and constantly shifting market dynamics to proactively partner with healthcare providers and ensure they can navigate reimbursement complexity, adapt to payer changes and overcome obstacles in order to continue delivering on their missions in the communities they serve.

What advice would you offer to healthcare leaders when choosing among vendors?

Embrace the opportunity to explore a partnership that will support your mission, complement your people and provide results. Be open to speaking with someone who can help you more quickly and effectively identify and resolve the critical gaps in your revenue cycle with tried and tested methods. Find a partner who can validate what you are doing well and give you tools you need to close the gaps, not simply restate the problems you already know about.

What is some advice you can give providers for a successful implementation of a new product or service?

Don’t rely solely on scorecards and metrics, they don’t paint the complete picture. Spend time in each department — walking around, talking to associates and observing the patient experience at your facility. Data can’t replace an understanding of what it’s like to be an associate, a patient or a physician in your organization. 

Quick Facts

  • 3 years on the Short List
  • 89% of peer reviewers agree or strongly agree Ensemble exceeds expectations

About Ensemble Health Partners

Ensemble Health Partners is a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers. We purposefully built our end-to-end revenue cycle management platform to deliver significant and sustainable financial performance improvement for our clients, improve the patient experience, and allow providers to focus on clinical care. We offer end-to-end revenue cycle solutions and a comprehensive suite of point solutions to clients throughout the U.S. Recognized with multiple industry awards and as a Becker’s Healthcare Top Workplace, Ensemble is setting a new standard for revenue cycle management— redefining the possible in healthcare by empowering people to be the difference.

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