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PMMC’s Contract PRO helps hospitals see an average 10 to 1 ROI

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Article | Technology ROI

PMMC’s Contract PRO helps hospitals see an average 10 to 1 ROI

How do you help healthcare organizations navigate the biggest challenges in healthcare?

PMMC enables revenue strategies for hospitals and health systems with the industry’s most integrated and accurate revenue cycle management platform.

PMMC’s contract management system – Contract PRO – accurately calculates the reimbursement contractually owed by all payers (commercial, Medicare and Medicaid) to maximize revenue for hospitals and health systems.

When the time comes to renegotiate payer contracts, Contract PRO provides managed care leaders with the ability to model all commercial payer contract terms to quickly understand the impact on net revenue. This is incredibly valuable as contract terms become more complex and payers constantly shift policies.

Backed by a 99% calculation accuracy rate, Contract PRO effectively identifies underpayments and denials, manages payer performance and drives insight for future negotiations while providing powerful analytics tailored to all levels of the organization — from the C-Suite to management to analysts.

PMMC’s software platform, which includes a fully integrated contract management and modeling solution, exemplifies PMMC’s mission to continuously improve the financial performance of healthcare organizations so that they have more resources to devote to patient care. Today, more than 500 hospitals use this platform and see an average 10 to 1 ROI.

What advice would you offer to healthcare leaders when choosing among vendors?

PMMC views the vendor-client relationship as a partnership, and we would advise healthcare leaders to ensure they are getting a partner that will ensure their success.

Our personalized approach to complexity means that all of our clients have a dedicated account manager.

When evaluating contract management and modeling, it’s important to partner with a vendor that has the ability to calculate accurate reimbursement, quickly model large payer contracts and provide meaningful insight into payer performance using analytics and data visualization.

What is some advice you can give providers for a successful implementation of a new product or service?

We recommend that healthcare providers have all of their resources aligned when preparing for an implementation — from executives to users to IT.

Our platform is driven by contracts and data, so it’s critical that data is loaded correctly and quickly, so our clients can see an ROI as soon as possible. 

Our Project Management Office (PMO) walks clients through the implementation every step of the way. 

Quick Facts

  • 9 years on the Short List
  • 87% of peer reviewers say that PMMC Contract PRO has resulted in enhanced productivity.

About PMMC

PMMC helps hospitals with contract management, payer negotiations, price transparency and value-based reimbursement. Clients see, on average, a 10 to 1 return on investment with software and services.

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