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Revenue cycle operations have evolved slowly from the days of paper transactions and records to computers and spreadsheets. Over the last 24-months we rapidly added in robotic process automation also known as RPA or Bots. However, Bots quic...
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In the past decade healthcare organizations have become increasingly inundated by a tidal wave of data from various sources. Processing that data in an efficient and scalable manner has become challenging. One successful approach has been t...
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Emergency departments are healthcare's safety net, but COVID-19 has resulted in tremendous drops in patient volume. Savvy healthcare executives and emergency medicine groups seek out new strategies to drive better outcomes, reduce clinicin ...
Live Webinar | Revenue Cycle
<div>In the past decade healthcare organizations have become increasingly inundated by a tidal wave of data from various sources.&nbsp; Processing that data in an efficient and scalable manner has become challenging.&nbsp; One successful ap...
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A butterfly flaps its wings, causing a hurricane halfway around the world.&nbsp; Learn how to apply the butterfly effect by making minor changes in the front-end of your revenue cycle to eliminate denials, increase POS collections and impro...
Trend | Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Strategist July/August 2019

Sponsored by Parallon
Trend | Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Strategist July/August 2019

Read the following articles featured in the July/August 2019 issue of HFMA's Revenue Cycle Strategist newsletter.

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Denials management

Payer access to EHR data improves cash flow

Lola Butcher

Sharp Healthcare’s decision to allow payer access to its data means that staff no longer spend time gathering and submitting clinical information to justify a level-of-care authorization request. Instead, Sharp enjoys “presumptive approval” for requests, speeding up the entire revenue cycle.

Price transparency

Why don’t more patients use transparency tools?

Laura Ramos Hegwer

A critical factor in shifting consumer behavior is creating more compelling incentives, says Sally Rodriguez of the Health Care Cost Institute.

Coding Q&A

Chargemaster reviews promote outpatient revenue integrity

Caroline DeLaCruz

We are experiencing increased denials and loss of revenue as a result of chargemaster issues related to outpatient services coding. What steps can we take to identify the issues and clean up the chargemaster?

Revenue cycle management

8 KPIs for measuring Medicaid eligibility and advocacy

From our Sponsor, Parallon

Marie Hinds

A regular KPI review process will allow revenue cycle leaders to identify problems and develop a plan for remediation.

Utlization management

Should utilization review report to patient care or revenue cycle?

Erin Murphy

Utilization review should work as part of a productive whole, alongside many other areas, says a former Cleveland Clinic finance executive. The function can report to finance, administration, operations, and even patient experience.

Figure at a glance

Positive patient experiences lead to timely payments

David Shelton

The shifting healthcare landscape is turning more patients into payers.


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How To | Financial Sustainability

3 objectives for an innovative and practical revenue cycle work-from-home program

To develop a sustainable remote-work policy for revenue cycle staff, healthcareganizations must address concerns about staff morale, team cohesion and protection of cash flow.

News | Revenue Cycle

Nearly 64% more members enrolled in HFMA certification courses during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the same six-week period last year

HFMA members are putting their work-from-home situations and downtime due to stay-at-home directives to good use: 2,171 members passed HFMA certification exams between March 13 and April 27, 2020.

News | Financial Leadership

Online community value is apparent amid the COVID-19 outbreak

There has been a surge of activity in HFMA's Community groups since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as HFMA members seek to share insights with their peers to help them respond to the crisis.

Article | Consumerism

Don't skip the patient conversation when payer coverage for coronavirus is unclear

Whether holding charges or billing, healthcare organizations should be communicating with patients about their financial responsibility.