The Value Summit 2014
began on March 17-18th in Chicago with insight on ways that hospitals and health systems can "operationalize" the journey toward improved value in their organizations. Through the information learned, peers and top industry experts will now create a strategy for addressing a critical institutional challenge. 

Next in the program is a series of monthly webinars giving participants the opportunity to test ideas against high-level feedback from session leaders— people with real-world experience of using business intelligence and leading clinical transformation. By sharing ideas, insights, and roadblocks with your peers, the strategy will be able to be further refined. 

Finally, you will share results at a special Capstone session at ANI: The HFMA National Institute in Las Vegas, June 22, 2014. Then, participants will go home with a strategy to lead their organization through the profound shift from volume to value.

The Value Summit combines cutting-edge research from HFMA's Value Project, real-world practicality, and a matchless opportunity to learn from top healthcare strategists and innovators as participants launch their organization on the journey to value.

Who is attending:

  • Senior healthcare finance leaders
  • Future C-suite leaders
  • High-performing mid level leaders who are potential "change agents"
  • Leaders charged with advancing clinical collaboration

What participants are receiving:

  • An intensive, two-day briefing in on the key drivers of change plus tools and roadmaps for navigating the new terrain
  • The opportunity to create and refine your own plan, with feedback from top experts and industry leaders
  • Networking with peers to share and test ideas
  • Three follow-up webinars
  • Capstone Meeting at HFMA's ANI 2014: The National Institute
  • Free admittance to ANI
  • 27 CPEs — plus an additional 21 CPEs from ANI
  • Certificate of Completion