2015 Cathy Dougherty  

Cathy Dougherty received the 2015 Morgan Award at the Association’s annual conference in Orlando, Fla., on June 25. 

The Frederick C. Morgan Individual Achievement Award is designed to recognize a single HFMA member for outstanding contributions to the Healthcare Financial Management Association as a result of substantial activity over the course of a career.

Nomination and Submission Information - Next Due Date: February 28, 2016

If someone in your chapter is deserving of this award and you wish to nominate the individual, please review the instructions and nomination form.

Please submit all materials by February 28, 2016 to chapter@hfma.org.   


The judging committee considers the following criteria in determining a winner of the award from among the nominees:

  • The significance of the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee to the Healthcare Financial Management Association.
  • The extent of the service provided by the nominee to HFMA at the chapter, regional, and national levels, including awards earned.

Award Announcement

The award recipient is announced and recognized at the Annual Chair's Reception during the Annual National Institute (ANI) in June.

 Morgan Award Recipients

Year Name  
2015 Cathy Dougherty, FHFMA
2014 Robert L. Broadway, FHFMA
2013 David P. Canfield, FHFMA
2012 Neil B. Koonce, Jr.
2011 Robert D. Miller, FHFMA 
2010 Carolyn M. Moffitt, FHFMA  
2009 Marianne L. Muise, FHFMA  
2008 William J. Lubaway, FHFMA, CPA  
2007 John P. McGuire, FHFMA, CPA
2006 Fred J. Lucky, FHFMA
2005 Sister Geraldine M. Hoyler, CSC, FHFMA, CPA
2004 Ronald D. Anspaugh, FHFMA
2003 Allan B. Hanson, FHFMA, CPA
2002 David A. Timpe, FHFMA, CPA
2001 John J. Dalton, FHFMA
2000 Robert B. Taylor, Jr., FHFMA
1999 Joanne M. Judge, FHFMA, CPA
1998 Kenneth A. Hews, FHFMA
1997 Bonnie L. Phipps, FHFMA, CPA
1996 Carl H. Hitchner, FHFMA, CPA
1995 Thomas F. McNulty, FHFMA
1994 Soon W. Lee, FHFMA, CPA
1993 Richard S. Blair, FHFMA, CMPA, CPA
1992 Glenn J. Black, Jr., FHFMA
1991 Paul M. Long, FHFMA, CPA
1990 Herman A. Kohlman, FHFMA
1989 Robert L. Schultze, FHFMA, CPA
1988 Floyd A. Kinkead, FHFMA
1987 Milan A. "Doc" Barto
1986 Thomas F. Satterfield, FHFMA
1985 Gerald W. Fuller, FHFMA
1984 James T. Whitman, FHFMA, CPA
1983 Herman H. Guenther, FHFMA
1982 Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA, CPA
1981 Arnold P. Silver, FHFMA, CPA
1980 Darwin W. Schlag, Jr.,FHFMA, CPA
1979 Fay Page Herkimer
1978 Joseph A. Levi, FHFMA, CPA
1977 Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA
1976 Ronald R. Kovener, FHFMA
1975 Allen G. Herkimer, FHFMA, CMPA
1974 ----------
1973 Charles Anderson, FHFMA
1972 Joseph Clancy , FHFMA and Jeff Steinert, FHFMA, CMPA
1971 Robert M. Shelton, FHFMA
1970 Harold Hinderer, FHFMA
1969 Benjamin O. Nelson
1968 Raymond S. Matylewicz, FHFMA
1967 Harold O. Humbert
1966 Lawrence E. Martin, FHFMA
1965 Sister Loretta Marie, CSFP, FHFMA
1964 Ernest C. Laetz
1963 Ray Everett, FHFMA
1962 Sister Mary Gerald, CSC, FHFMA
1961 C. Henry Hottum, Jr., FHFMA, CPA
1960 John M. Stagl
1959 Charles G. Roswell

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Patricia Kosar, Chapter Relations Specialist at (800) 252-4362, ext. 346 or pkosar@hfma.org.