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Curing Payment Confusion Cover

Curing Payment Confusion

Despite increased attention from financial executives, hospitals are losing the battle to create a financial experience that doesn’t confuse, confound or enrage patients.

Healthcare 2030

Check out our influential, award-winning series that digs deep into the most important questions surrounding the future of the U.S. healthcare system. 

Regulatory & Accounting Resources

Compilation of resources around important regulations published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), IRS, FASB.

Healthcare Dollars & Sense

Healthcare Dollars & Sense provides industry-consensus recommendations and best practices for meeting consumers’ rising expectations, helping consumers make better healthcare decisions, and improving the patient financial experience. 

The Value Project

HFMA’s Value Project is designed to help healthcare organizations manage the transition to a more value-based payment and care delivery system.

Patient Friendly Billing

The Patient Friendly Billing project promotes clear, concise, and correct patient-friendly financial communications.

Healthcare 2030

From the HFMA editorial team comes this award-winning, two-volume series of eight reports that addresses the biggest challenges in healthcare as a new decade approaches.

Consumerism Maturity

HFMA’s unique tool to assess and improve your organization’s patient financial experience.

Original HFMA research on various aspects of healthcare and financial management.

Claim Integrity

Standardizing denial metrics for revenue cycle benchmarking and process improvement.