Organizational Learning

Expert-led programs on healthcare finance, analytics & healthcare trends. Training is tailored to meet your staff's needs and the demands of a changing healthcare environment. Get started today.

HFMA’s Organizational Learning offers team learning across a multitude of healthcare finance topics. These are flexible courses that incorporate discussion, group collaboration, in-depth assignments, and instructor feedback. Programs are formatted for virtual or live environments, are led by experienced subject matter experts, and qualify for CPEs.  Apply learning to meet your organizational goals.

Employees who are encouraged to learn and grow feel valued and are more likely to be engaged in their work. They are more likely to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, and they will be motivated to find ways to improve their work processes continually. This culture of continuous improvement is critical in today’s fast-paced business environment, where organizations must be adaptable and responsive to change. Organizations that invest in creating a culture of learning are more likely to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Need flexibility? Programs are adapted around your schedule with single or multi-day training and tailored program lengths.

Choose from these topics:

Provide context and technical details of healthcare finance and accounting practices. Covering the A to Z of accounting, financial planning, capital markets and the nuances of the function as it relates to healthcare. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the healthcare environment, economic trends, and industry sustainability.
  • Identify current and potential reform initiatives and their potential impact on the economy.
  • Review key industry issues that impact organizational financial performance (quality, cost, access).
  • Summarize financial reporting and analysis requirements unique to the healthcare industry.
  • Review the current payment system including major third parties—Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care.
  • Identify key financial statements, management reports, and budgeting concepts.

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Health Plans, Business Partner

Career Level: Student, Early Careerist, Experienced Professional

CPE: 7+

Recommended for: Accounting, Billing, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Operations Support, Clinical Operations, Revenue Cycle

Detailed look at revenue cycle operations for both hospitals and physician practice organizations. Includes end to end view of the revenue cycle, technology and process improvement strategies as well as a look at performance measurement and KPIs.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify current healthcare environmental, market, and landscape factors affecting revenue cycle performance and the impact of each on revenue cycle activities.
  • Review the Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle Roadmap components and their effect on creating an engaged and satisfied consumer.
  • Explore process changes that create true transparency and satisfaction, as well as increased performance.
  • Discuss the impact of value-based programs on reimbursement.
  • Create a denials management and prevention program based on KPIs and trends.
  • Examine sample dashboards for the newest generation of financial metrics.

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Physicians and Other Practitioners, Health Plans, Business Partner

Career Level: Student, Early Careerist, Experienced Professional, Mid-Senior

CPE: 7+

Recommended for: Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting, Clinical Operations, Data Analytics, Financial Planning, Operations Support, Reimbursement, Revenue Cycle

Designed to present innovative ideas and encourage open dialogue on how healthcare organizations approach Medicare cost reporting and reimbursement enhancement strategies. This course will explore key drivers of Medicare reimbursement and assist healthcare organizations in identifying complex reimbursement opportunities to strengthen Medicare margins.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe a framework for assessing organizational efforts to address Medicare Reimbursement.
  • Review the top reimbursement challenges facing healthcare organizations.
  • Identify current margins and develop innovative ways to address shrinking Medicare margins. 
  • Explore the key drivers of Medicare reimbursement and recognize opportunities to prevent revenue leakage. 

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Business Partner

Career Level: Student, Early Careerist, Experienced Professional, Mid-Senior

CPE: 7+

Recommended for: Accounting, Financial Planning, Reimbursement, Revenue Cycle

Attendees will learn a method for aligning analytic activity and matching available resources with the organizational situation and priorities, along with a widely used approach for taking stock of and augmenting organizational capabilities. Finally, this course will explore ways to assess and evaluate the return on their analytics tools.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the essential elements, boundaries and special features of data and analytics, as well as the benefits necessitating the need for a data strategy.
  • Discuss leveraging data assets, including the concepts of investigate, explore, and experiment and identify what is called for as big data approaches are engaged.
  • Identify recognized elements of, and plan an approach to implementing, data governance.

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Physicians and Other Practitioners, Health Plans, Business Partner

Career Level: Student, Early Careerist, Experienced Professional, Mid-Senior, Executive

CPE: 7+

Recommended for: Cost Containment, Data Analytics, Informatics, Information Technology

A current view on what is happening in healthcare today, senior financial executive perspective, and the potential changes to expect in the near and far. Overview on emerging technology and new competitors in healthcare industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss current competitive environment
  • Identify new and emerging players within various aspects of healthcare
  • Review the pressing issues facing senior financial executives 
  • Create, in concept, an ideal payment model for your organization

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Physicians and Other Practitioners, Health Plans, Business Partner

Career Level: Student, Early Careerist, Experienced Professional, Mid-Senior, Executive

CPE: 7+

Recommended for: Budgeting, Business Development, Financial Planning, Healthcare Economics, Information Technology, Patient Experience, Population Health

Program for managers, directors and other nurse leaders who want to gain solid foundational knowledge in nursing finance and business skills. Includes detailed review of key financial aspects of clinical operations, managing labor, financial terminology, budgeting and communicating about financial performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key financial statements, management reports, and budgeting concepts.
  • Discuss the role of finance within healthcare and the relationship with clinical operations
  • Calculate labor productivity metrics as they pertain to nursing 
  • Summarize healthcare financial reporting and analysis requirements
  • Review the current and future payment system and models

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Physicians and Other Practitioners

Career Level: Experienced Professional, Mid-Senior


Recommended for: Clinical Operations, Nursing

Comprehensive course for CMOs, CNOs, COOs, and other clinical executives providing the concepts, tools and core understanding of finance and revenue cycle. Review of financial reporting, planning and management along with current and future disruption, financial policy, value-based payment and a working collaboratively with finance leaders. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss the healthcare environment, economic trends, and industry sustainability.
  • Identify current and potential reform initiatives and their potential impact on the economy.
  • Review key industry issues that impact organizational financial performance (quality, cost, access).
  • Identify key financial statements, management reports, and budgeting concepts as they relate to clinical leaders
  • Discuss need for collaboration amongst financial and clinical leadership

Audience: Hospital and Other Providers, Physicians and Other Practitioners, Health Plans, Business Partner

Career Level: Mid-Senior, Executive


Recommended for: Clinical Operations, Nursing, Physician Practice, 

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A variety of educational options

Take a look at HFMA’s diverse educational offerings to choose what fits you and your team best.

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