Healthcare 2030

Three-year series closes with dive into hospitals’ role in precision medicine.

Healthcare providers are moving at varying speeds in transitioning to a focus on value-based care and wellness. HFMA’s “Healthcare 2030” four-part series unpacks the challenges and opportunities for CFOs and other healthcare leaders created by the evolving industry, looking ahead to 2030. Volume 3 kicked off with the report “Health vs. Care,” an examination of the movement to emphasize health and wellness over treatment of disease and condition, followed by reports on employers rejecting value-based care, social determinants of health and precision medicine.

Volume 3

Part 1:
Health vs. Care

Featuring Sandro Galea, Patrick Holland, Laura Kaiser, Ric Magnuson, Kameron Matthews and R. Lawrence Moss

Part 2:
Value-Based Care?

Featuring Mike Allen, Andréa E. Caballero, Sachin H. Jain, David Johnson, Ric Magnuson and Elizabeth Mitchell

Part 3:
SDoH Convener or Leader?

Featuring Tiffany Capeles, Jurema Gobena, Kevin Halbritter, Alisahah Jackson and Claudia Fegan

Part 4:
Let’s Get Personal

Featuring Svati Shah, Tricia Baird, Candi Powers, Robyn Begley, James L. Heffernan

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Volume 2

Part 1:
Restoring Trust in Healthcare

Healthcare 2030 Vo. 2 Part 1

Featuring Niyum Gandhi, Jason Wolf, Mark Rukavina and Steven Edwards.

Part 2:
The Next Generation Public Health System

Featuring Jesse Cureton, Nancy Johnson, Georges C. Benjamin and Brian Castrucci.

Part 3:
Realigning Care and Coverage

Featuring Mary Jo Cagle, Arthur Southam, Nick Stefanizzi and Saurabh Tripathi.

Part 4:
Reimagining The Patient-Caregiver Relationship

Featuring Cynthia Barginere, Cheryl Matejka, Steve Miff, Zeev Neuwirth and Joel Selanikio

Volume 1

Part 1:
CFO of the Future

Featuring Bashar Naser, Dominic Nakis, Dennis Dahlen, Jennifer P. Marion and Matthew Streeter

Part 3:
The Future of consumer Expectations

Featuring Tatyana Popkova, Nick Patel, Sara Vaez, Ian Morrison, Errol Weiss, Frank Cilluffo and Bradley Crotty

‘Disruption is Real’

Featuring Mike Quinn, Danielle Solomon, Rob Gamble and Mike Morris

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Part 2:
Workforce of the Future

Featuring Sergio Melgar, John Bluford, Corey Feist, Robert Flannery, Dan Harris and David Salsberry

Part 4:
The Future of Strategic Investment

Featuring Debbie Salas-Lopez, Jennifer Mieres, Michelle Conger, Carter Dredge, Vic Gatto, Greg Hoffman, Paul Keckley, Mitchell Schwartz and Maureen Sullivan