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In today’s increasingly data-driven healthcare world, HFMA Data + Insights is a combination of HFMA-driven research, industry-developed key performance indicators, and tools designed to improve results. Discover emerging strategies to advance your healthcare data analytics and solve your clinical and business challenges.

HFMA Resources

MAP Keys

MapKeys logo, analytics to track your organization’s revenue cycle performance

MAP Keys are publicly-available industry-standard metrics or KPIs used to track your organization’s revenue cycle performance using objective, consistent calculations. 

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MapApp logo, data from customizable peer groups and facilities to benchmark healthcare performance

HFMA’s web-based MAP App helped hospitals, health systems, and physician practices improve performance throughout the revenue cycle. Leverage data from customizable peer groups and facilities to benchmark performance and align goals with the industry’s best practices. 

MAP Award + Score Calculator

MapAward logo

Learn about the industry’s biggest revenue cycle recognition and use the score calculator to benchmark your performance against previous MAP Award winners.

Salary + Compensation Data

HFMA’s Compensation Report, based on 2021-2022 data outlined average compensation metrics from across a number of healthcare finance industry titles.  

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Consumerism Maturity Model

Use the consumer maturity calculator to learn whether your organization’s consumer maturity level is consumer-centric, emerging, initiating, or undeveloped.  

Peer Review

Products, services, and ROI calculators that have been evaluated by qualified professionals like you for quality, technical support, customer service, and value—all things you look for as you make purchasing decisions. 

HFMA Outlook Trends Surveys

Each quarter, HFMA surveys its members on important trends including net patient revenue, staffing, cost of care, and technology implementation. Over time, HFMA’s Outlook Survey offers a view into the future of healthcare finance to help you make more informed and relevant decisions.

MAP Key Connect

Gain insights from healthcare financial benchmark data.

How is data analytics changing the healthcare industry? Get up-to-date tools and resources to help your organization uncover vital insights, predict trends, and establish a best-practice approach to increasing value and facilitating informed decision-making.