Consumerism Maturity Model

A tool for assessing and improving your organization’s patient financial experience

After entering data on the CMIS Worksheet, use this calculator to discover your score.

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How consumer-centric is your organization’s patient financial experience? 

What can you do to improve it, based on your organization’s current level of consumerism maturity? HFMA’s new Consumerism Maturity Model builds on our industry-consensus consumerism best practices to guide hospitals and health systems in their efforts to improve their patient financial experience. 

Take the self-assessment and plug in your scores and other metrics to our online calculator. You will learn whether your organization’s consumer maturity level is consumer-centric, emerging, initiating, or undeveloped. You can then use the specifics from your Consumerism Maturity Index Score to create a process improvement plan that is tailored to the needs of your organization and patient population. From scheduling appointments to resolving preauthorizations to submitting claims—and much more—you will come out of this self-assessment process with a road map for improving your patient financial experience.

Other consumerism resources

  • The model is built on HFMA’s Patient Financial Communications Best Practices and price transparency guidelines. Access these and other HFMA consumerism resources. 
  • The Consumerism Maturity Index Score incorporates five HFMA MAP Keys.