HFMA’s MAP Initiative

HFMA's MAP Initiative is created by and for healthcare leaders and provides a comprehensive revenue cycle strategy designed to help you MEASURE performance, APPLY evidence-based improvement strategies, and PERFORM to the highest standards. MAP Initiative gives hospitals and healthcare providers the tools they need to track revenue cycle performance and compare performance among peers and with the industry.

HFMA MAP Initiative

HFMA’s MAP Initiative uses industry standard MAP Keys to measure benchmarks against your peers when you subscribe to MAP App, gain best practices at the HFMA Revenue Cycle Conference (formerly known as MAP Event), and get recognized for revenue cycle performance with the MAP Award.

MAP Keys

HFMA’s MAP Keys are publicly-available industry-standard metrics or KPIs used to track your organization’s revenue cycle performance using objective, consistent calculations.


Uncover revenue cycle opportunities by comparing your performance to peer facilities.

Revenue Cycle Conference

Learn what it takes to build your team, extend accountability, and drive high performance in the revenue cycle when you join us for HFMA’s Revenue Cycle Conference (formerly MAP Event).

MAP Award

Earn recognition for your achievements in pursuing revenue cycle excellence.